List twenty eight: Fabulous features of my future home

Daydreaming about what our future home might look like is something I do a lot of. According to Donna, once you buy the home, you often don’t have the dollars to decorate it the way you want. But a girl can still dream right?

So first up, the house itself. I like two styles – federation homes and cute white cottages. Although I wouldn’t be opposed to living in an old church or firestation. I like the idea of a firepole taking me from my bedroom to the lounge.

Sheels and Kylie used to live in an old church. They used the baptisimal font for storage!


And now the list of essential features:

1. A kitchen with lots of bench space and an island
The island is not negotiable but I wouldn’t mind if it was white or chocolate brown.


2. A communal table
I like the idea of a square table for eight. I wouldn’t want to cook for more than eight really and a square means that everyone can see each other and interact. A lazy susan would of course be needed for the centre too.

This long table also really appeals to me though. It means that you could craft or work on one side by day and still have space for dinner to be eaten by night.


3. Dual showerheads, dual basins
The bathroom is one place I don’t like to share. Dual showerheads and our own basins sounds like a dream come true. Our own cabinets would be nice too!


Although I’d never do either of the following styles, these wacky bathrooms make me laugh. I’d love to suprise E with Star Trek tiles!


4. A library!

5. A nook for reading
I know it’s quite greedy to say that I want a library PLUS a reading nook. But I really do think both are quite essential.

6. A Neen chair
I’ll need a chair that’s so colourful Ian won’t want to sit in it. Preferably one that is patch
work-esque. Where DOES one buy a patchwork chair? Sighs. I wish I knew.


7. Some whimsy
An indoor slippery dip? Hells yeah! And a Hobbit hole in the backyard will be needed too. Where else will our guests stay?


8. Splashes of colour
I love the multi coloured chairs in the first image. And a chest of drawers Kate Spade style. Nioce.

9. A mantel piece
Even if it’s fake. We’re having one. It shall be filled with candles on the inside and ceramic white vessels shall cover the top.


10. Wall art
Oh yes. Everyone needs Peter Pan on their ceiling!

 11. Cute stuff for outdoors
An envelope mail box up and a wicked witch weather vane

12. A doggie
What’s that you say? I need a Golden Retriever to share it all with. Ok, I’ll take her. I’ll call her Mooze 2.

All images from Pinterest except:

– House number two from Martha Stewart
– Library number two from First House on the Right
– Nook number two from White Tapestry
– Chest of drawers with splashes of colour from Kate Spade

3 thoughts on “List twenty eight: Fabulous features of my future home

  1. Love it all! I will of course be coming to visit (you may not be able to get rid of me…especially if mooze2 is there!). And a library is for storing books, a nook is for enjoying them…so greedy? I THINK NOT!

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