I’m so impressed with Todd McLellan’s Disassembly series.

He pulls apart old consumer products, organises the pieces in a perfect order and then photographs! He must have such amazing patience.

You can view more of his amazing work here: http://www.toddmclellan.com/

List six: Things to do on holiday!

Today was my last day of work for two weeks. Hurrah! Nothing makes me happier than a holiday. In excited preparation for the weeks ahead, my list for today is things to do while I’m on leave.

1) Make gift vouchers for ‘Neen & Ian dates’ for my two lovely Mother-in-laws. Can you think of a better Mother’s Day present that a day of fun with Neen & Ian? I can’t! 

2) Catch up with Donna & Ella beans while they’re visiting family

3) Take Mum for a Mothers Day walk on the beach,  then coffee it up with her & Leigh

4) Cook Mum a birthday dinner (also with Leigh Leigh)

5) Attend Amelia’s first birthday party and Adam’s 21st birthday party

6) Go to Taronga Zoo with Aunty B, Clinton and Elliot

7) Read Diana Gabaldon’s Echo in the Bone which I have had sitting on my book shelf for two long years and have still not read. It’s almost 1,000 bloody pages! Far too heavy to carry on the train each day but certainly ok for some couch time

8) Do a few walks around the harbour

9) Watch a DVD a day. I have almost 100 DVDS on my ‘to watch’ list and I really must start getting through them

10) See Water for Elephants with Lis & Lucy as well as Incendies with Husband

11) Be Sheela’s assistant for a day and help prepare desserts for a party she is catering 

10) See what’s left of the Barrier Reef when we’re in far North QLD

11) Do a crocodile cruise in QLD

12) Walk through the Daintree

13) Take husband out for an amazing birthday seafood dinner

14) Relax

15) Think

16) Make lists

17) Enjoy being with E!

Bring it on!