List thirty: My questions to the universe

Universe, listen up, I have questions for you!

1) Why can’t I write comments on to Blogger blogs?
Sometimes I post a comment and it works just fine. Most of the time I write something, hit send, nothing happens. I re-write the comment, this time copying it just in case, I hit send, nothing happens and so on. Usually after the screen has refused about six times I quit.

Tomas and Jones – if you’re reading this, I loved the question with which you ended your last blog. Blogger just wouldn’t let me tell you!

2) When will it be possible to scroll through images in a person’s etsy store rather than having to click on each item individually?
I’m sure it would encourage more browsing.

3) How did I ever live without my Samsung Galaxy?
And was it really even living?

 4) Why is the ‘Random Acts of Kindness’ app not in the Android app shop? Why is this app only for iphone people? It seems very platformist to think that only iphone people might want daily suggestions for performing random acts of kindness.

5) When will I get to see Donna?
I feel empty and sad that it’s been so long. I cried a great deal about this today and still feel very sorry for myself. And her.

6) When will Paulina Simmons write a happy story?
I mean, don’t get me wrong, Universe. Misery has never been more pleasurable than in her hands, but seriously does the woman even KNOW how to write a happy tale?

7) And what do people think about my obsession with starting sentences with conjunctions?
Purists,  I’m sure, would not approve.

8) Why does it only rain when I wear satin, suede or gauze shoes?
Why? Why? 

9) Why would I buy shoes incorporating gauze anyway?
Ok, this question is probably for myself, not the universe. And I know the answer to this one, it’s cos they look cute.

10) Why am incapable of making good eggs?
Poached, scrambled, fried. None of them ever work out.

11) Will I ever be able to fly without my ears aching for ages afterwards?
I hope the answer  to this is yes!

Colour in your own birthday card

Aren’t these cards a fun idea? You purchase, then you colour in the age appropriate number of flames at the top of each candle. 

In the calculator card, you could draw in the person’s age or the amount the present cost (if they are the type to want to know). Très cute!

Metal works

Yesterday I sang the praises of some talented ceramicists I admire. But if it’s metal ware we’re talking, then Michael Aram is the man. His work, inspired by nature, incorporates some wooden elements but is primarily metal. If I’m in DJ’s, I always make sure I walk by his counter and and admire.

His work would look quite striking on a dining table, of this I am sure.