A list a day in May

I love a list. Numbered lists. Bullet pointed lists. List making brings me a whole lot of joy.

Knowing this about me, my lovely brother in law, David, bought me the perfect Christmas gift last year. A book called Listography – Your life in lists. Now I can list make to my heart’s content. Happy days!

Lovely list making book

For no reason other than because it rhymes, I have decided that I will blog a list a day for the month of May. It’s going to be awesome!

And today’s list? Well, that would be:

Things that get my goat

1) Stupid expressions like ‘things that get my goat’.

2) The word poignant. It’s over used don’t you think? I feel like it’s impossible for book reviewers not to use it. It’s like no book is deemed worthy if it’s not described as poignant. Although, having said that, Andrew’s blog post here can’t be described as anything BUT poignant.

3) Blogger. Peoples with Blogger blogs, please appreciate every comment I ever write on your posts. It is incredibly hard to add comments if you don’t also have a blogger account and it irritates me to no end that I have to write the same thing a gazillion freaking times until it finally posts. Grr to Blogger! Word press is so much better.

4) All the beeping in the world. Why is there so much of it? Washing machines beep continually when they’re finished, microwaves beep until you open the door, cars beep every time you aren’t doing what they want you  to do. So much beeping! All the time! I don’t need it. I’m perfectly capable of remembering  to take things out of the washing machine. All that beeping messes with my chi.

5) People in the office who don’t deal well with stress and act like grumpy asses.

6) Ricky Gervais and Sacha Baron Cohen. Wish they’d stop doing everything they do.

Till tomorrow peeps.