List eight: Delicious things I’ve eaten this weekend

There’s been a whole bunch of yummikins happening this weekend. The delicious foodage I’ve consumed in the last couple of days, includes:

– Amelia’s 1st birthday cake
Buttercake with delicious pink icing! Oh yeah! I really must attend more first birthday parties.

– Lisa’s potato salad
Made with sour cream rather than mayo – the way it should be it!

–  A garlic focaccia with avocado, ham & cheese 
I think the Soliders Beach kiosk needs to be somewhere I breakfast far more often.

– Chicken, lemon & pea risotto
Made by my most lovely sister who always seems to get her risotto’s perfecto! This is from Donna Hay’s Off the shelf cooking

– Baked prawn, tomato & fetta
I made this from an excerpt of George Calombaris’ Greek cookery from the Helenic heart and I will definetly be making it again. I think it’s actually called prawn saganaki.

– Peppermint crisp tart
I made this because peppermint crisps are my Mum’s favourite chocolate bars and it’s her birthday + mothers day today. From  Tessa Kiros’ Apples for jam.