List eighteen: Last night’s random dreams

Maybe it was the full moon, maybe it was being in a different bed, but I had RANDOM dreams last night. Random.

All in the one night of sleep I dreamt that:

– My work desk was out in the middle of a forest. Three managers from work as well as few other colleagues were there, working away as though it was a perfectly normal work environment.

– My friend Lisa found a bee in her scarf and tried to swat it, making it crazy angry. The bee then started buzzing frantically towards my neck, freaking me out because I’m hugely allergic to bees (in real life).

– I was unpacking a box of random things from primary school that included a massive bunch of lunch boxes with old primary school friends’ names written in them.

– I was making giant sized gift tags that I think I should make in real life. They were red and grey striped circles and looked really cool on gifts. In the dream, I was trying to tie a bunch of them to my light, which was almost being pulled from the ceiling due to the weight of the gift tags.

– I was putting photo frames up on my work desk. I thought they were new frames but when I went to put photos in them, there were layers and layers of old photos in the frames, mostly of primary school friends.

Random, don’t you think? Although I guess dreams rarely make sense now do they?