List five: Things I love about Sheela

Things I love about Sheela:

  • Her quick wit
  • Her sharp mind. This girl knows pretty much everything. And if she doesn’t, through the power of her brain and iphone combined, she can usually find it out quick smart. She’s sort of like the human version of Shazzam.
  • That she got my favourite blogger ever to read my blog a few months back
  • Her diverse tastes and well rounded set of interests. She likes sport, craft, art, cooking, reading, films, travel and google research ;)
  • Her insane competitiveness when it comes to games. If you’re at a bridal or baby shower or just want to play board games, Sheela’s team is where it’s at.
  • That we talk about our favourite bloggers as though we know them personally “Oh and how about how Nat said…’
  • The way she rocks red lip stick
  • Her beautiful Golden Retriever
  • Her ability to write looong emails and massive texts all via her iphone with not a mistake to be seen!
  • Her shopping list OCD!
  • The way she’s always creating something beautiful. A softie here, some pillows there, a bouquet of roses made from baby socks. Vision + talent = a most excellent combination
  • Anything she cooks or bake
  • Her positive attitude
  • The photos, quotes, ideas, stories and recipes we share daily
  • That she introduced me to Pinterest
  • That she’s so tech savy
  • Her sense of adventure and wanting to try new things, see more and be more
  • Her fast response to any form of communication I send
  • Knowing I can text her late at night about any random old thing and can always expect an equally random response back
  • That she keeps confidences
  • Her thoughtfulness. She sends me pictures of things she knows I’ll like and buys me presents for no reason
  • That she always makes an effort to keep in contact
  • The way she always encourages me to do things I love
  • Her beautiful, flawless skin which I actually don’t think she deserves given that she uses foot cream as moisturiser
  • Her soft, sweet voice that always sounds so soothing.

I could go on. However I am fearful that I am starting to sound like a lesbian.

Moral of the story – Sheels, you’re a treasure.