About Neen

I’m Neen. Just Neen. I believe in family. Good friends. Long lunches. Reading as widely as possible. Champagne. Olives. Clean sheet day. Open fires and sitting in front of them with the people I love. Using my passport. Love. Big, open hearted, unabashed love.  The internet. Sad movies. Foibles. I believe in whimsy. I believe in people.

2 thoughts on “About Neen

  1. Neen is also: such a beautiful, sweet heart lady with exceptional taste and flair!!!

    Thank you so much for the fabulous b’day present I received when I got home from holiday!!! I am speechless at your thoughtfulness!! & LOVE IT!!! Tres Cool!!

    From one crafty minx to another…thank you <3

    PS…I think I heard it is about your birthday time too – wishing nothing but fabulousness to you fabulous lady on your birthday!! You are a gorgeous darling heart!!! xx

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