Freud’s couch

So apparently this is the couch where Freud’s patients would lie down when he carried out his psychoanalytic sessions.

When I look at this couch, all I can think about is how germy it seems. There’s a stack of pillows that a whole heap of different people would have put their heads on, a blanket that I bet was rarely washed and a wall hanging that could quite possibly filled with fleas. 

I wonder if Freud would have been able to help me work through my OCD……

All sorts of randomness tonight

So right now Ian’s out with Jay at a Metallica concert and I’m spending some time with me, myself and I.
I’ve done the washing, most of the cleaning and now I’m perusing the interwebs.
Here’s the most random pictures I’ve come across this evening.
It’s a strange world out there peoples.

First up….I think overdosing on wall paper like this would surely cause instant claustrophobia. How could one possibly live in this space? Just stumbling across this photo made my heart start to pound and my palms sweat.

Next up.
Blue cake.

This chic has eyes tattooed onto her back! Personally I prefer to look at people with my real eyes but whatever floats your boat I guess.


I don’t know what it is with animal photographers. They always have to try and make them look human. But I love it.

Perfectly nice flowers shot in some weird ass way. Now look like they are dying a horrible, droopy death. It just seems mean.

A random little toy with glasses so oversized that I know he will be considered an outcast amongst his friends.
Amy told me that she thinks I’ll end up being a person who looks after all the toys no one likes. It’s true. I see little guys like this and I want to shelter him from the teasing he has no doubt endured. Hmmm. Maybe I’m the one who’s strange.

It starts and ends with family

Photo by the amazing Amelia Kay

I have a highly fabulous family. Not everyone is as lucky and I am grateful that I have been so blessed.

My extended family have semi regular catch ups, with Christmas, Easter, Mothers Day and Fathers Day locked in as key dates on the get together calendar.

I love Fathers Day weekend in particular because one of my grandfather’s has a birthday as well. That means that Aunty B always flies in for the weekend and when she’s around things are crazier, busier, funnier.
I was lucky today to be with my Dad and my two grandfathers. One who turned 83 and one who is 94! Wowzers.

My favourite parts of today were:

  • Dad being more than just a little bit excited about roasting a baby pig on the spit (this was also the most disturbing part of the day
  • Mum defending her useless oven in the way someone with a horrible child defends their angelic-ness
  •  Leigh’s delicious mint, lime and lemongrass drink
  • Amanda’s potato bake
  • Seeing Roz’s baby bump. I can’t wait to meet her little girl!
  • Watching the dvd of Hayley’s trial HSC music performance. She’s so freaking talented!
  • Playing with little Lucas. He reached out for me to hold him and also copied me making fish faces. The highlights of my day!

    After weekends like this, I always find it hard to leave everyone and drive back to Sydney.

 “Other things may change us, but we start and end with family.”

Spring has sprung

Hello Spring! Welcome back! I’ve missed you and the bright sun you bring with you. I’m looking forward to three months of colourful, wonderful, flowers and 23 degree days.

As for you winter – get out of here! I don’t want to see you again for a long while. You’ve been particulary grey and miserable this year. Good riddance.