Bringing order to my shopping list, Sheelster style

I’m anal about quite a lot of things. My grocery list is not one of them.

I usually write down the things that I know I want or need and then as I read through recipes I want to make, I just add the ingredients to the list. Before I leave the house I do a final scout around to see if there’s anything else I haven’t thought of. There’s no structure, there’s no grouping of any sort and there’s certainly no tidy handwriting.

Exhibit A:


The Sheelster on the other hand is very particular about how these lists are written. It’s one of her (many) little quirks. There has to be the right amount of spacing between items and sometimes if she isn’t happy with how it looks then she’ll start again.

Exhibit B:

Earlier this year I sent her a photo showing what my list looked like. I received a frantic sms back exclaiming ‘Why aren’t the pastries grouped together’??? ‘And why are the cleaning products written amongst the fruit’.

I had thought I’d done quite well at least grouping the clothing items I needed together.

When I got home and sent through the updated version, where I’d scribbled out as I went along, the response was along the lines of ‘I can’t believe you haven’t drawn a straight line across the items. You’ve just given me a coronary. Goodbye’.

                                                               Exhibit C:

Since then, I have been trying to improve my list structure. Mostly to appease the Sheelster but also because I do end up doubling back through the store quite a lot as I suddenly find some other product whose aisle I have long since passed.

So far, this is the tidiest I have been. Yesterday I saved time, AND I no longer have to worry about friends dying of heart attacks. Well, not from my shopping lists anyway.

Exhibit D:

Are you thinking that Sheela and I spend a lot of our relationship discussing the silly things in life? Well then you’d be correct. And I love it.

7 thoughts on “Bringing order to my shopping list, Sheelster style

  1. Two things:
    1. I felt a certain sense of calm coming over me as I read this post! Although I don’t wish to pass my neuroses onto u, I am indeed glad that order has been restored to ur shopping lists!!
    2. Please NEVER let any possible suitors read this blog, for I fear it is filled with all my secret shames! The things that should not be found out til I have locked that man down and he can’t escape!!

    Just kidding, but I sure am a wierdo aren’t I?! I didn’t realize this til I saw it in black and white! But I sure hope we never stop talking bout the trivial things in life! It’s far too fun :) x

  2. Im with Sheela on that one. My shopping list looks like that. Its even divided into products from different stores, eg Coles, Harris Farm, Butchers etc. how you could possiblly accomplish a sane shopping trip without such list is beyond me!

  3. Yes! I can’t imagine what life was like pre organised lists! So glad u crossed over to the light side (is that the opposite of dark side?!).

  4. I must say.. Even though reading all of this highly amused me… The funniest thing is (sorry I read your list) is the use of “palmolive stuff” as one of the items.. Oh how I rofl’d…

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