52 lists – words I use often

  • Love – my favourite word of all time. I overuse this word!
  • F*&^ – my second favourite word of all time. I overuse this word too!
  • N00b – because there are just so many N00bs out there.
  • Bleak – I don’t like things to be bleak but when they are, I love to say bleak
  • Finicky – I tend to say this a lot when I’m with my gorgeous, but finicky grand father
  • Incorrigible – I usually say this to myself when dealing with a certain guy at work
  • Daft – Because it best describes some of the decisions made where I work
  • Exasperating – I bust this out at work at least once a day
  • Bamboozle – I’ve been working with our Finance team and this is what they do to me
  • Vapid – Hmmm. Maybe I should have called this list ‘words I use often at work’
  • Pickle – I like to eat pickles and I’m often in a pickle
  • Oh-m-gee – does this count as a word? I’m not sure, but let’s go with it for now
  • Shaddup!!! – either in excited disbelief or because I do in fact want people to be quiet
  • Shambles – the word that perfectly describes what my house has looked like lately
  • Tatty, scruffy, messy – words I use to describe my hair
  • Salient – I’ve been overusing this word while editing all the waffle out of a report this week
  • Wonky – our bed is wonky, our couch is wonky, our dining room chairs are wonky. Our furniture is really uncomfortable!

How about you? What do you say every day?


52 lists – nice drinks

Spring is here! And it feels like summer. Seems like the perfect time to share with you some nice summer drinks.

From The Forest Feast, here’s a few drinky poos I’ll be making over the next few weeks:

1) A blood orange mimosa.
Yay for a citrus/champagne combo! Cocktail 1

2) Cucumber sangria baby!
So much lighter than traditional sangria.Photo 2

3) A sparkling lemonade, mint julep. Julep

4) Pomegranate, campari & sodaNumber 4

5) From What Katie Ate, my favourite summer drink; cloudy apple juice, cranberry juice, ginger beer and vodka. Apple, cranberry & ginger vodka cocktail

And today’s first world problem? I can’t decide what to make first!

52 lists – my best qualities

I’m pretty self aware ( I think!)

I tend to understand my strengths and weaknesses. Some of my weaknesses I work on, some I just accept.

When it comes to my best qualities, I think I’m:

– Thoughtful
– Generous
– Organised
– Silly
– Understanding

And above all, I’m not half-hearted. When I enjoy something I enjoy it completely!

This is me enjoying a hair chop & a Moroccan oil hair treatment today.