List twenty seven: 15 lovely things at my place

I like everything in my house. Well, the things that are mine. I don’t really like the things belonging to the landlord like the broken dryer and crappy stove.

I go through phases in terms of what I love the most, but for the moment, these are what I think are the 15 most lovely things at my place:

This most beautiful, whimsical picture was the birthday gift Leigh and David bought me this year. They got it at the markets in St Kilda back in January and I had to wait four long months until my birthday FINALLY came along and I could look at it again. It's by Shannon art. The cute jewlerry box was a birthday present from Mel & Jay and the Voluspa persimmon body spray is the closest thing to perfume I can handle wearing. I found this range when hunting down candles for Mel's birthday last year and all their products are delightful!
A 'believe' heart from lovely Leigh. I hang ceramic and glass hearts from the hook. The glass heart was one my friend Lisa brought back from San Fran. Prince Designs on Etsy sent the ceramic hearts as a little gift with a bowl I ordered.
A gorgeous love bird bowl from Price Designs on Etsy. I coveted this for about two years, then realised it was just $20 and that I should stop looking at in online and look at it next to my bed instead!
I have a little obsession with ceramic hearts. These are from Miss Pottery on Etsy.
My ceramic rheart ring holder. The ring is the one Ian proposed with. I love it more than any other possesion, especially more than the other more traditional engagement ring we ended up buying. If there was a fire, it's the only thing that I'd grab before I dashed out (apart from Ian himself of course).
I'm not at all a travel memorabilia fan but I love these Teracotta Wariors from our trip to China a few years ago.
My cute little owlies. I love the squat one - he looks really dopey!
The earing tree I bought in Melbourne earlier this year. Leigh got one, we lugged it back to our hotel and then five minutes later we made David walk back to the same shop so I could get one too. The tree is currently topped with a massive love heart ring that Donna gave me for my birthday.
Cute cupcake cookie jar that my lovely sister gifted me. ADORABLE egg cups that was one of our wedding presents from Lis. Ian is ridiculously strict about the boy one being his and the girl one being mine - no swapsies!
I love when trees and dandelions are drawn onto ceramics like this. Actually I just like trees and dandelions.
Cute as can be Manequin Pis necklace made by Tomas and Jones and sent to me because I love Belgium, because I loved this necklace on their blog and because they are the loveliest pair of girls in the world.
My gorgeous 'stach hoop made with love and sent for no reason at all from Tomas and Jones. Ian thinks this looks like love birds. Either way, it looks pretty hanging above our bed!
My favourite shower gel. It's the 'Yes to carrots' brand which is literally made from organic carrots. You can also buy 'Yes to tomatoes' made from tomatoes and 'Yes to cucumber' made from cucumber.
My fridge which is covered in lovely magnets, the owl ones mostly from Sheels. I also am madly in love with the boy in the photo.
Irrewarra granola. I'm not very good at making people breakfast so I whip this out when people come to stay. It tastes like chopped up cookies!