List sixteen: Reasons I don’t want to make a list today

I’m not in the mood for blogging today because:

–  I spent the entire day walking around the Zoo, carrying Elliot up most of the hills. Can you say buggered?

– I’ve already done 15 lists this month and am feeling bored with myself. Whose idea was this anyway?

–  I still have a whole bunch of washing and packing and general tidy up stuff to do before heading off on holiday tomorrow.

–  We have to leave our house at 4.45am tomorrow morning to get to the airport so I want to go to bed early. Looking slightly impossible given tasks to complete mentioned above.

– I can’t think of what to make a list about. Suggestions anyone?

– I’m cold. I know that doesn’t have anything to do with anything. But I am.

– I  feel like reading other people’s blogs rather than writing my own.

So there.