17 & 1

So here’s something cool. My husband and I have been together for 17 years today. Yep, it’s true. We were 16 (me) & 17 (him) years old when we got together in 1996.

He is radder than rad. The bees to my knees. My favourite. My best. My everything.

If you told us 17 years ago that we would end up living happily ever after, neither of us would have been surprised. We always knew.

1 June also happens to mark the one year anniversary of us being Mountains people. I miss the city more than I imagined I would but I sure do love my home. And the person I share it with.


Happy 6th anniversary

To my honey.

We’ve been married for 6 years today but we’ve been together a whole lot longer than that.

Thanks for being my favourite person to hang out with. Thanks for making me laugh every day. Thanks for acting as my movie translator when I can’t figure out what’s going on. Thanks for letting me kiss those cute cheeks of yours as often as I want to.

We’re pretty lucky that we’re one of those couples who actually really love each other and rarely argue.

If all I’m ever to have in this world is our little house and you, then that will be better than ok.

Date night & dip

“You haven’t watched Friday night football with me in aggggeeesss”, Husband declared last week.

Well goodness. I didn’t realise I’d been so remiss in my wifely duties. Truth be told, I can’t EVER remember watching Friday night football with him, but if Friday night naps on the couch have masked themselves as football dates, then I’m ok with that.

And thus, date night this week was a dose of NRL with a bacon and double cheese burger dip on the side. Cos you know how I like to make bun free versions of burgers.

This photo (and the recipe) is courtesy of Kevin’s Closet Cooking. Make sure you substitute all dairy for low fat versions, otherwise you may very well die of a heart attack. You’ve been warned!

16 years of awesome

Hey, get this. Tomorrow, Ian and I will have been together for 16 years. Yep, 16! We got together back in high school when I was 16 years old and now I’m 32. That means we’ve been together for half of my life! Wow, wow, wow.

I’m pretty happy that on the day of our 16 year anniversary, we’re moving into our first house.

I bought him a little something to celebrate. I totally copied Mel on this and got a sign made celebrating how we met :) E used to help me with Maths.

Posters available from the delightful Memory Gallery. You can buy yours here.

Happy 5th!

Yay for Friday the 14th of October – it marks the 5th year that Ian and I have been married.

Of course five years is only a third of the time that we’ve actually been together but the last five years have definitely been the best years of my life. One of my favourite bloggers wrote something a little while ago about how marriage isn’t easy. And for the first time in my history of reading her blog, I didn’t agree with her. For me, married life is blissfully easy and happy and I don’t let a day pass without giving thanks for that.

We celebrated our big 5 a day early with dinner at Quay last night. It was so fabulous that I almost considered asking Peter Gilmore to be my second husband!

If you want more Neen and E lovin’, you can read our story over at our good friend Mel’s blog.

Happy 5th Husband! You’re the best n00b sauce I know.

Concoctions a’la husband

Ian used to be a really good cook. And then he became a husband. Once married, it seems he completely forgot how.

With this in mind, when I go away, I try to make sure there is enough food for him to eat. But sometimes I get busy. Sometimes I forget to prepare things. Sometimes I figure I don’t need to worry since we live about 200 metres from a grocery shop and are within a 1km radius of at least 10 restaurants. That do takeaway.

However it seems that when I’m away, if  Ian gets hungry, he finds it far easier to invent interesting concoctions of food rather than simply order takeaway.

One weekend I came home earlier than I was meant to. Ian had popped out for a bit. As I opened the door of the flat, I was overwhelmed by a smell, that to this day, is one of the worst I have ever experienced in my life. At first I thought it was a bunch of dill on the counter that had gone bad. Now admittedly, I was the one to have left the dill in a jar on the sink.  However after a swift removal of said dill, I realised that the smell was still there.

And then I discovered it.

There on the counter was what seemed to be a bowl of multicoloured rice bubbles. After a fair bit of prodding, I was still unable to determine what was in the bowl. So I called E.

Seeing the house phone number on his mobile, sent poor husband into a spin. “Why are you home earrrlllyyy?,” he panicked. Well that was a relief. At least he wasn’t oblivious to the fact the house smelt rank, even if he did choose to live in the rankness.

I can’t remember exactly what my words were but if you take out the profanity, the world ‘bowl’ is probably what was left of the sentence. He knew what I was calling about anyway. And he explained with something close to pride that he’d made himself a ‘treat’. The recipe, dear friends, should you ever want to make it yourself, includes:

–          5 tablespoons of melted butter

–          1 cup of rice bubbles

–          2 tablespoons of hundreds and thousands.

Mix together, taste, spit out the first mouthful and leave the rest to go rancid until your partner comes home three effing days later.

Now this happened quite some time ago so I have always assumed it was a one off. However a few nights ago, Ian decided to further extend his foray into messing with breakfast cereals.

Feeling peckish, he perused the cupboard, selected his ingredients and this time, mixed together weetbix, tahini and date syrup. Why haven’t the great chefs of the world thought of this?

Once again, only one mouthful of this combo was consumed. This time though he disposed of his rubbish thoughtfully.

So friends, I ask a favour of you all. If anything untoward ever happens to me, will you please check in on Ian from time to time? Perhaps cook him a meal now and again or leave him with food parcels. Anything to avoid some kind of sugar induced coma from breakfast cereal combined with goodness knows what.

I thank you kindly in advance.


Another cute Ianism is something he does that he’s not even conscious of.

While watching TV or reading, Mr Jackson always needs to be twisting a piece of paper or flipping a coin or button in one hand. Sometimes when I’m drifting of to sleep while he’s still reading, I hear the sound of the blinds moving and it’s comforting. I know it’s because Ian’s twisting their cord through his fingers.

But something not as cute is how much trouble I get into when I forget to refill the ice cube tray or put the cold water back into the fridge. And this week, because it’s been so hot, I’ve been in trouble an awful lot.

Ian seems to think that some day I’ll learn. But I lived with Raph for almost as long as I have lived with husband. And she never managed to get me to put the water back in the fridge either.  I don’t think there’s hope for cold drinks in our house really. Lucky the tap water in Sydney is such stellar quality.

Things that make Husband cranky

When his wifey wastes electricity by leaving the lights on in every room.

When his wifey tries to save electricity by turning the TV off at the wall and he only notices once he’s sat down.

When she doesn’t follow instructions when cooking.

When she talks incessantly while he’s trying to sleep.

When she wakes him up to kill spiders/moths/big flies/other creatures.

Lucky she’s wonderful in every other way.