And in n00by news

I’ve been n00bing it up hard core lately. Like a ridiculous amount of n00bing. Evidence:

– I read most of my news online through ABC and SBS. The other day, when I couldn’t find something I was looking for on either of those sites, I drew a complete blank on where else I could look. I googled ‘Sydney + news’ and of course the SYDNEY MORNING HERALD was the very first thing to come up followed by After I reprimanded the googles for being such a Captain Obvious, I gave myself a smack across the head on behalf of less n00by people everywhere.

-There’s a man at work called Rowan Russell. My brain can’t seem to cope with the fact that his last name sounds like a first name. Every time I speak to him I call him Russell. He’s given up correcting me.

-We’ve been doing work with a company called XXVI. I spent an entire day introducing them to peeps around the place as Twenty One. At the end of the day when I looked at their business card I realised my mistake. But seriously, why are people still using roman numerals? I thought it was the numeral system for ANCIENT Rome?! Not a Sydney design company.

– Whenever I use Ian’s kindle, I try to scroll or expand the text on the screen with my fingers. Every single time, Ian watches me do this without saying a word. No doubt he’s wondering how it was possible he ended up with me.

Unfortunately there are more examples. But for now I think it’s best we leave it four. Or is that IV?

Random musings

Four people this week have told me that there needs to be more posts on The Random Musings of Neen. Well bless your cotton socks peeps, flattery will get you everywhere!

Here’s a few random thoughts and things from lately.

– The Husband came to bed the other night eating a sesame snap. He claims that sesame snaps are one of his favourite things. I told him I don’t believe him. In all the time we’ve been together I’ve never heard him speak of  sesame snaps, let alone eat one. The Husband’s ‘favourite things’ change depending on what he happens to be eating or doing at any given time. He sat in bed crunching away, staring thoughtfully at the snap.  Then he mused “These would be easy to make. It’s just a whole bunch of sesame seeds glued (!!) together with honey. I could make these”. As soon as he fell asleep I snuck out of bed and hid the sesame seeds. Imagine the sticky disaster I’d come home to if husband started gluing seeds together with honey. My goodness.

– In other amusing Husband news, he got into trouble at work this week. Why? Because he set up test user accounts and called them testicle 1, 2, 3 & 4. I’m mortified. His online friends think he’s a hero.

– I have decided that the spoon is my favourite utensil. I like using them so much more than forks. Of late, I have also become quite partial to eating with my hands.  Not pasta or soup but vegetables, salad and chunky, easy to pick up kind of stuff.  Yes, this from the girl who used to find it offensive when people ate pizza with their hands.

– My sister went to a chicken auction the other day and her and David came home with two chickens. They named one called Elphaba and the other one Beezus. Elphaba was so named for her green tint. Sadly she has already passed away. And now Beezus is having some kind of sexual identity crisis and is cockadoodling like a  roster even though she’s a hen. Poor things, the both of them.

– I really, really want to have a pet pig. This is obviously not possible at the moment but have one at some point I shall. I’ll call him Salami. I’ll teach him tricks and he’ll play with Harley.

– I also want to have a rooster. One of the pretty ones that are brown with gorgeous green feathers.

– I am very in love with Paulo Coelho. Everything the man says or writes makes sense to me. I think he should run the world.

That’s all I’ve got for you today folks. Peace out.

And this is why the blogosphere is fun

Melly blogs.
Neen blogs.
Donna tells Tomas and Jones about Neen’s blog.
Tomas and Jones start reading Neen’s blog.
Tomas and Jones comment on Neen’s blog.
Neen links back from comment to Tomas and Jones’ blog.
Neen starts reading Tomas and Jones’ blog.
Neen tells Sheels about Tomas and Jones’ blog.
Sheel’s starts reading Tomas and Jones’ blog.
Tomas and Jones blog about First House on the Right.
Neen and Sheela start reading First House on the Right too.
Neen realises that she knows of First House on the Right in real life.
Sheels buys a silver plated peanut bowl  after seeing it on First House on the Right. Neen is jealous of Sheela’s silver plated peanut bowl.
Neen comments on First House on the Right.
First House on the Right links back from comment to Neen’s blog.
First House on the Right starts reading Neen’s blog.
First House on the Right mentions Artish.
Neen starts reading Artish too.
Neen realises she knows of Artish in real life too.
Neen comments on Artish.
Artish links back from comment to Neen’s blog.

Dog’s-ear finds Melly’s blog.
Dog’s-ear comments on Melly’s blog.
Melly links back from comment and starts reading Dog’s ear’s blog.
Neen links from Dog’s-ear’s comment on Melly’s blog to Dog’s-ear’s blog.
Neen starts reading Dog’s-ear’s blog.
Neen comments on Dog’s-ear’s blog.
Dog’s-ear links back from comment to Neen’s blog.
Dog’s ear starts reading Neen’s blog.
Neen blogs about Melly.
First House on the Right reads about Melly then starts reading her blog.
Dog’s ear realises Melly and Neen know each other in real life.

Everyone lives happily ever after.

Happy Birthday Melly

I don’t usually write birthday posts. But Melly is a sweeter girl than I, and always uses her blog to bestow birthday wishes upon her loved ones. Therefore I feel she is most deserving of her own happy birthday shout out, don’t you all agree?

Plus, a friend of my parents always talks about the importance of using significant events like birthdays to tell people how you feel about them. And she’s an anthropologist so I figure I should follow her advice about these things.

So let me wish Melly a happy birthday and tell you all why I love her.

Melly has a heart of gold. Pure gold. She remembers every birthday, every anniversary, every important event in the lives of people she cares for. And on all of those occasions she texts you or emails you or tweets you. It’s so very thoughtful and I love it.

Melly is super positive and very excitable. I love when we catch up because I always leave feeling as on top of the world as she is. This good energy oozes from her core. She’s one of those girls who lights up the room. She’s one of those girls who always makes you feel like she’s happy to see you (and most of the time, happy to see your husband too, hehe).

Melly is honest. She doesn’t bull shit. She says it like it is. This used to freak me out a bit. Now I’m inspired to be more like her.

Melly looks after my husband. When he turns up at her house late at night, drunk, seedy and sometimes noisy, she makes him up a bed and then cooks him breakfast the next day. She always sends me updates on his whereabouts so I don’t worry!

Melly is passionate. Probably one of the most passionate people I know. And passion is something that I love to see.  She throws herself into things, she gives all of herself to the people and things she likes. She doesn’t do anything half assed.

Melly is punctual and organised and tidy. Anyone who knows me, knows how much I value these kinds of thing! We’re similar in this way. We’re both also spiritual in the same way and I love the way she thinks.

But the thing I love the most of all about Melly is this. She’s content with herself and her life, but still challenges herself to be a better person, a fitter person, a kinder person. She’s always looking for ways to improve life. This is something I’ve come to realise makes me respect people and it’s something I find inspiring. She goes out and does stuff, she achieves things, crosses stuff of her ‘things to do in life list’. She lives big. She doesn’t talk about doing things, she just does it. I love this about her.

I think it’s good to make sure you have friends who are smarter than you, braver than you and generally better people than you. It’s these kind of people who challenge you and keep you on your toes. Melly does this for me.

Melissa Williams you are destined for grand, juicy things! Thanks for being one of my best friends and thanks for making the world a more glorious place!

Happy 5th!

Yay for Friday the 14th of October – it marks the 5th year that Ian and I have been married.

Of course five years is only a third of the time that we’ve actually been together but the last five years have definitely been the best years of my life. One of my favourite bloggers wrote something a little while ago about how marriage isn’t easy. And for the first time in my history of reading her blog, I didn’t agree with her. For me, married life is blissfully easy and happy and I don’t let a day pass without giving thanks for that.

We celebrated our big 5 a day early with dinner at Quay last night. It was so fabulous that I almost considered asking Peter Gilmore to be my second husband!

If you want more Neen and E lovin’, you can read our story over at our good friend Mel’s blog.

Happy 5th Husband! You’re the best n00b sauce I know.