Away I go

We’re off on a little holiday because we love little holidays.
Off to drive out of this city, past the smog, into the land of relaxation.
Off to some of the places we like to go to together.
Off to a week or so of sleeping in and extra long naps in the afternoon.
Off to do a lot of reading on the beach from the giant suitcase of books we’ve packed.
Off to drink a healthy amount of red wine because that’s what we like to do on holidays.
Off to gorge on cheese and olives and all our favourite snacks.
Off to where the phone reception is bad but where we won’t want to speak to anyone anyway.
Off to do some fishing because we really like to fish.
And most important of all, off to recharge our tired old selves.


This is Mel

She wants to be a vampire, gets disappointed when her husband doesn’t eat enough schnitzel and she likes to talk about worms. Her name is Mel. And yes, she’s wearing a crab on her head.

Sometimes Ian tries to claim Mel as ‘his friend’. He thinks he can do this because she married one of his best mates.  Last year he insisted that the gorgeous candle the Williams’ gave us for Christmas had to live on his side of the bed since it came from ‘his friends’.

I love that Ian loves Mel. He thinks she’s an awesome cook and talks about her having a good energy.

But she’s not just his friend. She’s one of my favourites too. I love Melly’s heart. It’s made of bright, sparkly gold. She’s smart, honest, passionate and incredibly funny. I’ve never met anyone quite like her. And I love that.

Happy birthday Melly. You deserve all good things that come your way.

The it list

Five things I’m loving right now…

Sunshiney days

Sushi (this is an everlasting love actually)

Blackforest cake

Pictures in my coffee – both totally naff and totally cute

The idea of owning the only pink house in an otherwise boring street

4 years married

There once was a boy from Muswellbrook and a girl from Cooranbong  who ended up at the exact same school at the exact same time.

When they first met, they did not like each other very much.  He thought she was incredibly stuck up. She thought he was trouble. But it only took a little while for them to see that they were made for each other.

They have been living happily ever after ever since.

Just a quickie

Look at these little cuties.

That first guy there, that’s my husband. He’s been making me laugh a lot lately. More than normal anyway.

As for the little lamby. Well I found his picture on the internets a few months ago and I haven’t been able to stop looking at it. He’s the cutest and I wish he was mine too.

In a perfect world

In a perfect world…

–      I would have a job that allowed me to do something meaningful every day
–      My flat would never get dirty
–      I would be more constructive with my time
–      I would have a Golden Retriever called Daisy
–      My nail polish would never chip
–      I would be one of those freaks that enjoys exercise

And just because this is my perfect world…
I could eat cake every day.

If my friends were chocolate bars

There’s a blog I stumbled across last night that now I can’t seem to find again. But I loved it. The blogger was a chocolate bar wrapper obsessee and she had lots of pictures of pretty chocolate wrapping.

I was amused by wrappers for this chocolate with tea. The descriptions of each bar remind me of my friends.

I think Amy would be coconut green tea cos she had a tropical feel about her and is luscious and deep.

Sheels would be herbal chai. She’s exotic, spicy and has many layers to her personality.

Mel is pomegranate white tea. She has a zesty, rich & refreshing persona.

And Donna would be white tea. Warm, inviting and surprising.

I think Alissa would be a combo. Maybe a coconut, white tea chai with a pomegranate on the side :).  She’s deep, layered, refreshing and surprising.

Along came Gavin

Back in 2008, I had just come home from a holiday in China when Donna told me that she had some exciting news. When I went to visit, she said that she’d met a lovely boy.

While Kebabs was talking about this new boy, I mentally ticked off all the criteria in my head.
Tall –tick
Funny –tick
A good listener –tick
Caring –tick
Supportive –tick
Big bear hugs –tick
Likes sport –can’t be helped, he is after all a boy
Likes jazz music – tick
Lives in Melbourne – WTF? CROSS! 

Donna kept talking and I sat there thinking ‘MELBOURNE”??? But I don’t live in Melbourne. Melbourne is far away.

Then I tuned back into the conversation and realised that Donna’s face was alive and sparkling and she looked like she was about to burst with happiness.

So I decided that if this guy was making her so happy, then I’d have to allow her to move to Melbourne, if that’s what it came to.

And sure enough, about 7 months later, that’s what happened. And now they married, pregnant, and about to start living happily ever after. I guess you can do that in Melbourne too.

Luckily Victoria is a great place to visit. And luckily, Donna was right about Gavin. He really is a lovely, funny, caring guy that brings a spring to her step and a twinkle to her eye.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter where they live. Donna is one of those people who would go to end of the world for you. And I without a doubt would do the same for her.