List nine: My favourite beverages

I was thinking today that I don’t really drink a big variety of drinks. I mean, this is what you do on holidays, isn’t it? Ponder the important things in life.

I mentally started making a list of things I like to drink realised it’s a pretty short list. I like:

– Tap water
– Coffee
– Fruity cocktails
– Pinot Gris
– Pinot Griggo
– Pinot Noir
– Lemon, lime & bitters
– Ginger beer

And that’s kind of it. Do other people have longer lists than this? Am I boring?  I used to be a big herbal tea drinker but I’m kinda over that now. I do like the odd milk shake but not really enough to list it. A list of 8 things just seems pretty poxy.

I suppose really the thing I should find most concerning is that half of the list consists of alcohol!