List twenty three: Best parts of our holiday

I shed a tear in the lift today. A single tear. It’s part of the mourning process I always go through on my first day back at work after holidays.

Is there any feeling worse than going back to ‘the grind’ and realising that you do in fact have to have a job in order to survive?

Just to keep the memories alive a little longer, today’s list is the best parts of our holiday.

1) Alone time
No family, no friends, just me & E. We love hanging out together. Which is pretty lucky really! We google the meaning behind songs (like ‘there’s hole in my bucket’ and ‘jack & jill’. We lay next to each other and read for hours. We laugh. ALOT.

2) Seafood
We ate lots of it, just like we always do on holidays. Although, after four days of eating oysters, prawns, and fish, I felt quite guilty checking out the sea life when we got out to the reef. I hope the poor creatures couldn’t pick up the smell of their dead friends on me.

3) Mossman Gorge, in the Daintree National Park
We got there really early in the morning so that we could enjoy the tranquility of peaceful walks without other people on the trails. It was really lovely and very serene. The best bit was that despite walking through the rainforest for about two hours, we didn’t come across one snake. Phew.

4) Crocodile spotting
We spent an hour or so croc spotting while cruising the Daintree River. So much fun! This one was my favourite croc.

5) Ian scuba diving
What better way to spend your birthday than scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef? Ian spontaneously decided to try scuba, loved it, came out of the water after his 40 minute training dive and insisted on going right back down again. About ten minutes after we got home yesterday, he had already located the best diving school in Sydney.  He is now enrolled in classes.  I loved seeing how excited he was about diving!

Can you see him doing the metal symbol underwater? Crazy kid.

Ah, back to reality now kids.