List eleven: Characters I’d like to invite for dinner

Whenever those email quiz things get sent around, the two questions that make me roll my eyes the hardest are, ‘What colour crayon would you like to be’ and ‘What famous people would you invite for dinner if you could?’

Seriously, who gives a toss what colour crayon someone wants to be? And given that I don’t see my actual friends as much as I’d like to, I always thought I’d prefer to have them for dinner, rather than random celebrities.

But lately I’ve realised that there are a few characters that feel like they’re my friends. Not the actual actors or actresses themselves but the characters they play.

I’ve spent a lot of time with these peeps and would very much like them to dine with me:

* Walter and Astrid from Fringe
I know it might surprise you, but I wouldn’t actually invite Peter Bishop (aka, Joshua Hottie Jackson) to dinner. I think in his fine presence I’d just turn into a blathering, nervous, self conscious mess and that would be no fun at all.

But Walter and Astrid are so loveable and I adore the relationship they have. It amuses me that Walter can never remember her name and always calls her Ostrich or Asterix or Astro or Asteroid or Asprin or anything else starting with A.

I’d be sure to serve some weird kind of jellied fruit for dessert – Walter’s favourite – and give him a goody bag filled with red licorice to take home.

Actually, I’d like to adopt Walter as my third grandfather. I wonder if he’s available for this?

As for Astrid, well she’s just lovely. I think she and I could become good friends. Definitely not the alternate universe Astrid though. She’s a total weirdo – and of weirdos, I’m certainly not a fan.

* Charlie and Lincoln from Fringe 
I loved Charlie from the very first episode. He’s one of those totally dependable, loyal guys that was always such a good friend to Olivia (in both universes). And you don’t meet Lincoln until later on but he’s got the same good values as Charlie with a whole bunch of spunk, cheekiness and a dash of bad ass thrown in. The second biggest hottie in Fringe Division if you ask me.

I just want to chat to you guys (and ask you more about Peter). Come over for dinner please?

* Ross from Friends
If Ross came for a visit, it would of course need to be a dinosaur themed dinner party. I love that he loves dinosaurs!! It always brings a smile to my face when people have little obsessions and quirks like this.

I’m not good at coping with people who are socially awkward but Ross is so loveable that I’d let him get away with it.

Ross is sweet, clumsy, geeky, paranoid and has major meltdowns over really minor things kind of like me! I think we’d get along just fine.

* Jen, Roy & Moss from the IT crowd
How funny are these three? I don’t think anything has made me laugh as hard as the IT Crowd. Even Husband laughs along and he’s no fan of comedy. Actually, sometimes Husband laughs so hard during this show that I fear he shall wet himself, or cry, of have a heart attack or something. So imagine how much fun a dinner party with the IT Crowd would be?

I’d have them over for stress relief at the end of a busy week and ask Sheels to come too so she could hook up with Moss.

* Murtagh Fraser, from Diana Gabaldon’s novels
Jamie’s GodFather was always so silent and dour. But I think I could crack him!

And if I was absolutely forced to pick actual celebrities to dine with, not just characters, then I think I’d have to chose Sophie Dahl and Kate Winslet. Such lovely, clever, whimsical ladies. They’d fit well into my group of friends.