List thirty one: Things you may not know about me

We’re on the home straight people! One more list for me to write, one more list for you to read. In just a few minutes, my A list a day in May series will be over. Doneski. Kaput.

So, to end this list making bonanza, here’s a few things you may just not know about me:

1) Apart from bacon, I have never touched, nor will I ever touch, raw meat.
Ian does the meaty stuff at our place or I use tongs in one hand and a knife in the other.

2) I used to be obsessed with playing Commander Keen. I’d scream loudly when the green monsters chased me.

3) I have never watched more than five minutes of any cooking show. Cooking is one my favourite things to do so nobody ever believes this.

4) Despite Jay’s highly insulting assumption that I would be a fan of Neighbours and Home & Away, I’ve never watched a full episode of either. And just by the by Jay, those shows are nothing like 90210!

5) I have also never watched The Simpsons but when people make Simpsons jokes I laugh along and pretend I know what they’re talking about.

6) I really, really want a tattoo but I would never, ever get one.

7) I am obsessed with having clean ears. Although nowhere near as obsessed as my sister is. She probably has the cleanest ears of any person on earth.

8) Cookbooks overwhelm me. So do subscriptions to cooking magazines. There’s too many options and I get indecisive. I prefer reading interviews with chefs online and finding recipes there too.

9) I hate wearing jackets. Always have.  I avoid wearing them as often as possible.

10) I only know my 1, 2, 3, 5, 10 & 11 times tables. Don’t know what happened with all the others.

11) I count on my fingers.

12) I’ve turned into a total cry baby in the last year or so and cry about everything. Ian thinks this is funny. So do I. Usually I cry and laugh at the same time.

13) I rarely find comedies funny. I remember watching Zoolander with the girls and they were laughing hysterically. I felt confused.

14) I never drink water without lemon in it.

15)  I have two reoccurring dreams. In one I’m with my sister walking through a house that has lots of little pokey corners with really low ceilings. So low that we have to duck. It’s always the same house and we’re always looking for something. In the other dream I’m always hanging out with James and Aaron from school. Neither of whom I ever think about at other times.

16) Following his gazillion training sessions last week, I’m now married to a certified scuba diver.

17) I’m completely over macarons.

18) Sometimes as I’m about to take a big gulp of water, I suddenly wonder if there might just be a gold fish in my glass. I never bother to check though, I just keep drinking and hope for the best.

19) My biggest fear is being sent to a psychiatric  hospital. I guess in that case I shouldn’t write things like I just did above.

20) I clear my phone logs every night. We’re talking all the calls, all the messages, all the websites I visit. It’s one of my little OCD things. Ian tells me that if I’m ever convicted of murder that it will look as dodgy as hell. I never intend to kill anyone though so I don’t think it’s a problem.

21) I usually only get one cold a year. That’s the only time I need tissues, I never use tissues any other time. I’m just not a sniffly person. One box usually lasts about 18 months at our place.

22) Last year, I only ironed 5 items in 365 days. So far this year I’ve only ironed one thing.

23) I’m not very friendly. That’s sort of ok in Sydney, because no one is really friendly. But when we leave Sydney, Ian and I are always taken back by other people’s friendliness. This leads to us constantly checking in with each other –  ‘Do you think we’re being friendly enough?’

24) I feel like an igloo when I wear white.

25) I’ve been sad lately. I miss hanging out with Donna, Sheela, Kylie, Amy and Amber all at the same time.

Well, that’s it folks, my nonsense is done. If you didn’t know ANY of those things about me, then you win a Neen date! We clearly need to spend more time together.

And now I think a little blogging hiatus is necessary. Don’t you?