52 lists – favourite smells

Don’t you love how you can smell a perfume or a spice and be transported back in time? Smell is a powerful sense that often evokes long forgotten memories

For me…

Getting a whiff of cinnamon reminds me of my Grandmother’s kitchen

The fragrance of guava plants takes me back to the school playground

Freshly baked bread makes me think of my Dad

Frying onions causes an instantaneous hankering for a BBQ

Coffee smells like early mornings

Fabric softener reminds me of borrowing a high school boyfriend’s jumper

Pesto being whipped into submission in the food processor will always make me think of our friend Cindy’s kitchen

Clean linen soothes my tired mind and body

Sunscreen quickly transports me to the beach

Petrichor, for me is synonymous with a very good mood

The smell of Early Grey makes me think of tea sets that tinkle and rattle at every touch

What smells transport you to another time or place?

Ah, tranquility

3 thoughts on “52 lists – favourite smells

  1. Love how a scent can evoke so many memories and emotions. Solvo, this strong smelling, grease cleaning soap always reminds me of my dad. Wet woolens remind me of Boo! Tomatoes and Basil always transport me to the veggie gardens of my childhood. Mothballs remind me of India. Onions and garlic cooking remind me of my mum and the beginning of practically every savory dish she ever made!

    1. Wet woollens remind me of school blazers! I used a tea tree shaving gel the other day and it made me think of mishka! Smelt so much like shampoo we used to use on her that it felt like she was in the shower with me!

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