52 lists – things I do every day

So I’m having a lot of fun here. Are you enjoying these lists or are you bored to tears?

This latest list is pretty much a summary of my day. If I could draw, I’d turn this into an infographic!

Things I do every day:

Hit snooze at least twice

Reluctantly wake up

Think about exercising more

Wash my hair, tie it in a top knot

Get dressed

Moisturise – feet, hands and face

Put on foundation

Check social media news feeds

Drink coffee

Drink tap water

Read the news

Read a book

Learn stuff

Write lists




Roll my eyes

Use every swear word ever invented. Make up a few for good measure

Chat (too much)

Read blogs, read email, read texts


Put together a special dish I call dinner

Clean benchtops

Acknowledge that I’m unreasonably obsessed with clean benchtops


Put on a sarong

Pop pills – of the vitamin variety

Count my blessings


Text Sheela

Say I love you


52 lists – favourite things to have for breakfast

It’s the most important meal of the day but also my least favourite meal of the day. I am the most boring breakfast person in the world. I pretty much only eat:

Bircher muesli
This recipe is my current fav. I make it before I go to bed, ready for the next morning.

Avocado on toast with salt and pepper
My Mum always makes this for me when I stay at her house and it’s the only thing I can handle salt being added to.

Or fruit salad if I have the time.

I like plain Greek yoghurt – no sugar!

On the weekend I like to have scrambled eggs or hard boiled. No soft, runny yokes for me, oh no thanks.

Smoked salmon
With anything, on anything. Toast, bagels, cream cheese, ricotta cheese, capers – whatever the format, I’m a fan.

Now send me some inspiration please, how do you like to break your fast?


52 lists – flowers I like

I feel that I’ve spent a lot of time talking about flowers on my blog. But flowers are so wonderful that I guess that’s not such a bad thing, right?

I love most flowers but I lean towards big flowers with big petals, rather than the dainty variety. Although cute little flowers like snap dragons and pansies, make me think of my Mum. Her garden is filled with mini pretties.

I’ve been learning more about flowers lately because my Mum and my Mumzy-in-law are both totes in the know. So whenever they mention something about a particular variety, I actively fill the info away in my noggin.

My most favourite, favourites are below. I used to have a think for orchids but not so much any more. Flowers 1PicMonkey Collage

Dahlias (my best!)
David Austin Roses
Sweat pea
Red hot pokers
Poppies (which I think are also called Cosmos?)
Billy balls
Native Aussie blossoms
Cherry blossoms

52 lists – favourite smells

Don’t you love how you can smell a perfume or a spice and be transported back in time? Smell is a powerful sense that often evokes long forgotten memories

For me…

Getting a whiff of cinnamon reminds me of my Grandmother’s kitchen

The fragrance of guava plants takes me back to the school playground

Freshly baked bread makes me think of my Dad

Frying onions causes an instantaneous hankering for a BBQ

Coffee smells like early mornings

Fabric softener reminds me of borrowing a high school boyfriend’s jumper

Pesto being whipped into submission in the food processor will always make me think of our friend Cindy’s kitchen

Clean linen soothes my tired mind and body

Sunscreen quickly transports me to the beach

Petrichor, for me is synonymous with a very good mood

The smell of Early Grey makes me think of tea sets that tinkle and rattle at every touch

What smells transport you to another time or place?

Ah, tranquility