52 lists – nice walks

There’s lots of nice walks around Sydney & the Blue Mountains. Next year I want to do a lot more. My current favourites are:

– Bondi to Bronte for ocean views
– The Bay Run to Iron Cove for harbour views
– Spit bridge to Manly for a bit of everything. You can do both beach and the bush in 10km
– Around Govett’s Leap, up near Blackheath for spectacular mountain views!
– Around Lake Parramatta, the Nepean River or Lake Macquarie for glimmering water
– Campfire Creek to the Red Hands Cave, Glenbrook for some indigenous art.

What about you? What are some of your favourites? 

Bondi to Bronte, from Waverly Council website
Bondi to Bronte, from Waverly Council website

52 lists – blogs I’m loving right now

I’ve been on a little blog reading hiatus. I rarely open Feedly these days. But there’s a few places I’ve been visiting a lot that I thought I’d share.

  • 3191 miles apart which is the blog of two friend who live (yep, you guessed it) 3191 miles apart. If you love nicely styled blogs, this one’s a beauty!
  • A country farmhouse which always makes me want to move to my own country farmhouse!
  • The wild and wily ways of a brunette bombshell. I love Meg’s writing more than almost anyone’s.
  • The Langs because I love their photography and they have two seriously cute kids!
  • The workout room. This blogger hasn’t written anything in awhile but I’ve only just come across her blog and there’s a great back log of exercise related posts. Write again soon Mel!
  • Selina’s blog. Because I love that she’s now writing little stories. This stands out in my usual sea of personal blogs.

Tell me your favourites too!

52 lists – words I use often

  • Love – my favourite word of all time. I overuse this word!
  • F*&^ – my second favourite word of all time. I overuse this word too!
  • N00b – because there are just so many N00bs out there.
  • Bleak – I don’t like things to be bleak but when they are, I love to say bleak
  • Finicky – I tend to say this a lot when I’m with my gorgeous, but finicky grand father
  • Incorrigible – I usually say this to myself when dealing with a certain guy at work
  • Daft – Because it best describes some of the decisions made where I work
  • Exasperating – I bust this out at work at least once a day
  • Bamboozle – I’ve been working with our Finance team and this is what they do to me
  • Vapid – Hmmm. Maybe I should have called this list ‘words I use often at work’
  • Pickle – I like to eat pickles and I’m often in a pickle
  • Oh-m-gee – does this count as a word? I’m not sure, but let’s go with it for now
  • Shaddup!!! – either in excited disbelief or because I do in fact want people to be quiet
  • Shambles – the word that perfectly describes what my house has looked like lately
  • Tatty, scruffy, messy – words I use to describe my hair
  • Salient – I’ve been overusing this word while editing all the waffle out of a report this week
  • Wonky – our bed is wonky, our couch is wonky, our dining room chairs are wonky. Our furniture is really uncomfortable!

How about you? What do you say every day?


52 lists – nice drinks

Spring is here! And it feels like summer. Seems like the perfect time to share with you some nice summer drinks.

From The Forest Feast, here’s a few drinky poos I’ll be making over the next few weeks:

1) A blood orange mimosa.
Yay for a citrus/champagne combo! Cocktail 1

2) Cucumber sangria baby!
So much lighter than traditional sangria.Photo 2

3) A sparkling lemonade, mint julep. Julep

4) Pomegranate, campari & sodaNumber 4

5) From What Katie Ate, my favourite summer drink; cloudy apple juice, cranberry juice, ginger beer and vodka. Apple, cranberry & ginger vodka cocktail

And today’s first world problem? I can’t decide what to make first!

52 lists – favourite childhood books

Reading has always been my favourite pastime. And I especially love children’s books!

My sister and I still have all of the books from our childhood. I’m so looking forward to reading them to Antigone soon. I also take great pleasure these days in buying books for my other little friends.

PicMonkey Collage

My most favourite books from childhood are:

Busy, busy world
Leigh and I both have a penchant for adventure and good food. I’m convinced it’s because of this book!

In Busy, busy world,  there’s a variety of characters  who travel all over the world, going to cafes in France, riding rickshaws in Hong Kong, visiting carnivals in Rio and then farming in Poland.

This book is now out of print and retails online from about $80 to $800!

I love this story of a sweet French elephant who lost his mother and afterwards moved to the city. When he returned to his home in the country, he had grown up, gotten married, and was considered to be a king.

I loved the TV show too.

Mulga Bill’s Bicycle
Because it was Mulga Bill from Eaglehawk, that caught the cycling craze…

I think Mulga Bill is the reason I love penny farthings so much! Love, as in to look at, not to ride myself (just to be clear!)

How birds get their colours
I loved all sorts of Dreamtime story books when I was little. There were so many in our local library – but this one was my favourite!

In this story, all of the birds are just one colour – black. When a little dove hurts his foot, his friend the Galah has an idea. She rushes forward and bites the dove’s swollen foot. Then a myriad of colours flow out of the Dove’s foot and festoons all the other birds around.


The Lighthouse Keeper’s lunch
This book is all about the troubles of a Lighthouse Keeper getting his hot lunch each day. I mean, it’s a important problem, right?

The Lighthouse Keeper had such a good wife. Each day, she would prepare something for him and then send it over on a clothes wire across the water. I wanted to marry a lighthouse keeper and send him a daily lunch :)

This is the tale of a monster who turns into a snivelling mess every time his Mum tries to get him to eat vegetables. It’s a funny book but sadly, also out of print now.

Amelia Bedelia
This one’s about a housekeeper who takes her instructions literally. Even at a young age, I loved anything related to cleaning!

The Giving Tree
There really are so many layers of loveliness in this book. It’s a beautiful parable about the love between a boy and a tree. It’s of course all about giving and I think children can really learn from it.

The very hungry caterpillar
We all know and love this story, am I right? It’s of course about a caterpillar who eats his way through a variety of delicious looking food before transforming into a beautiful butterfly.

And quite aside from those books above, I also loved all the Noddy stories, Paddington Bear and Peter Rabbit too.


How about you? Any old favs?

52 lists – Ten sites I visited & loved today

1) Popsugar, where I learnt how to make garbage bin refreshers.

2) The HBO documentary site, where I watched a film about a lady in her 40s who decided to have a baby alone.

3) Daily OM, where you’ll find online courses for your mind, body & soul. And other wank.

4) Dooce, the funniest blogger I know.

5) Joy the baker, who eats weird stuff like potato chips on top of tuna salad on top of burnt toast.

6) Decor 8 where this week they featured a salad of flowers. So pretty!

7) This site, promoting progressive dinners through Surry Hills. Anyone want to do this with me?

8) This food blog that has a recipe for the most amazing looking frozen yoghurt. Not low cal!

9) Another food blogger’s site who has a recipe for a healthy version of nutella.

10) This site with recipes for ten yummy salads. I always need inspiration like this for work day lunches.

What have you checked out on line today?

52 lists – favourite cook books

A few years ago I had a massive cook book clean out. I gave away all of the books I’d accumulated but never used. Now the books on my shelf are strictly my favourites.

Sometimes I forget that I actually have cook books. Every now and again I find myself wondering what I ate before Pinterest and blogs. What did I cook? Then I’ll see my shelf and be reminded that it’s nice to page through an actual cook book sometimes!

From left to right on my shelf we have: What's on my shelf Australian Women’s Weekly Great Beef Cookbook – I gave this to Ian way back when he lived by himself and it’s moved around with him for years. Australian Women’s Weekly

BBQ Cook Book – I’ve made lots out of this book, but ironically never anything that has needed to be BBQ’d.

Donna Hay Modern Classics 1 & 2 – The first of these two focuses on savoury and the second on sweets. I’m more partial to the second book :) Women’s Weekly Slow Cooking – If you have a slow cooker then this book is a must!

Food Safari, French Food Safari & Italian Food Safari – I have all the DVDs too!

Bills Sydney Food – I have to say that I’d actually like to own every SINGLE one of Bill’s books. He is like my spirit chef!

What Katie Ate – If you’re a foodie and don’t follow her blog I’d be very suprised. Katie is amazing. Her recipes are nutritious, easy and the food photography is stunning!

Women’s Weekly Classic Cakes – This is one of those books that you pick up, start paging through and then feel  crippled with indecision!

The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet – Everyone has a copy of this on their bookshelf, am I right?

Fairytale Food – Alissa bought me this beautifully illustrated book. It’s quite enchanting with recipes for things like Stepmother stew, Jack’s magic bean salad, Princess & the pea soup, Beauty & the beast burgers and Peter pancakes.

Jamie’s 15 minute meals – I’m a massive Jamie fan but I have to say, I really don’t like the way he combines all the methods for multiple dishes within the one recipe.

A Feast of Ice & Fire – THE OFFICIAL GAME OF THRONES COOKBOOK. Thank you David!

The No Excuses Cook Book & Crunch Time Cook Book – Both my Michelle Bridges.

Penguin Classic Cookbooks from Kylie Kwong & Stephanie Alexander – I love me a Penguin Classic. That signature orange is always welcome on my shelf.

Spice Notes & Recipes – This ginormous spice encyclopaedia was another gift from Lis. I haven’t bought a pre made spice mix since I received this book for my 30th.

I Quit Sugar – Sarah Wilson drives me completely bonkers as a person but when it comes to her recipes, I’m a fan. There’s lots of good paleo stuff in this one.

Asian Dumplings – I’m pretty good with dumplings, me.

Do you have a favourite book? Do you only keep cook books that you really love?

52 lists – things next to my bed

Next to my bed you will see:

– A lamp

– 2 x Moroccan style baskets from Ikea. One is filled with cosmetics and the other with hair ties

– An Aromatherapy Company candle

– A beautiful book about things to do in the Blue Mountains

– Lorna Jane’s book. It’s her story but also includes lots of info about clean eating and exercise

– The Lonely Planet guide to Europe

– A fraction of the whole and Jasper Jones, the two next books on my reading list

What’s beside your bed? Ian’s beside table has only one book and then a tangle of cords and chargers.


52 lists – things I loved as a child

One of my favourite things to do when I was little was to go on adventure hunts in the backyard. Mum would give my sister and I each an ice-cream container and a list and send us to find certain things. Feathers, a fern leaf, a flower, a pebble, etc. She was such a good Mum.

I also loved to play on my go go ball. Try as I might, I have not been able to find a picture of one on the whole of the internets. Do you remember what they looked like? It was kind of  like Saturn and you could bounce around on the plastic frame around the ball. Mine was red and blue and Leigh’s was pink and yellow. Fun times.

I also loved: Things I loved as a kid

Viewmasters! Were they not awesome? And is there anything like them today? No.
Hyper colour tshirts! I wish these would make a comeback!
Mr Galliano’s Circus. My favourite Enid Blyton book.
Making letters out of dough then baking them.
Making jewellery out of flowers. Also looking for 4 leaf clovers.
Yearly ski trips.
Doing hand stands in the pool and making Mum judge them out of 10.
Warheads! I loved tricking my grandparents with these.
My little ponies. The original, vintage versions not the newfangled ones out today!

How bout you?

52 lists – favourite things to have for breakfast

It’s the most important meal of the day but also my least favourite meal of the day. I am the most boring breakfast person in the world. I pretty much only eat:

Bircher muesli
This recipe is my current fav. I make it before I go to bed, ready for the next morning.

Avocado on toast with salt and pepper
My Mum always makes this for me when I stay at her house and it’s the only thing I can handle salt being added to.

Or fruit salad if I have the time.

I like plain Greek yoghurt – no sugar!

On the weekend I like to have scrambled eggs or hard boiled. No soft, runny yokes for me, oh no thanks.

Smoked salmon
With anything, on anything. Toast, bagels, cream cheese, ricotta cheese, capers – whatever the format, I’m a fan.

Now send me some inspiration please, how do you like to break your fast?