Friday 5 – things I love about the Mountains so far

I’ve lived in the lower Blue Mountains for a week now and I’m digging my new digs. Though I have to say that it does feel a tad surreal. I keep thinking that perhaps I’m just taking a holiday in someone else’s life!

Last week I wrote about the things I’ll miss about Pyrmont. This week, my Friday five are about the best bits of my new place. They are:  

1) The stars
I haven’t seen the stars for a decade! But when I walk outside my house in the evening, there they are, all delightful and twinkly and happiness creating.

2) The mist
It rained last weekend and our whole house was shrouded in mist. It was beautiful and refreshing and magical.  

3) The community vibe
Our neighbours have all been over to introduce themselves, welcome us to the Mountains and to deliver bottles of wine. It’s delightful! In the 11 years I lived in my flat, I think I had all of about 5 conversations with the transient community that lived there. It’s been so nice to have people make sure we know where to buy groceries, where to find a good butcher and to explain what the weird sirens are that we’ve been hearing in the dead of the night.

4) Mr Owl
There’s a little ‘hoot hoot’ going on outside our bedroom window. I’m yet to actually see Mr Owl but I like falling asleep hearing him out there. I picture him wearing glasses and checking us out through the blinds.

5) Rocco, the Labradoodle who lives next door
Just like all the other locals, he seems quite friendly.  He’s been over to say hello and lift his leg on all of our pot plants! I like seeing him sitting outside in a sunny spot!

I’m going to be really happy here. I can feel it in my bones.

3 thoughts on “Friday 5 – things I love about the Mountains so far

  1. Oh, that’s so great! I feel excited for you… (Plus love your attitude and willingness to accept ‘the new’ with open arms!)


  2. Thanks Deb. It really does feel exciting! A whole bunch of new suburbs/cafes/shops to explore!! Plus all those glorious walks. Super Saturday Sessions will be many majestic mountainous walks :)

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