Friday 5 – things I’m working on

Stuff I’m working on at the moment:

1)      Worrying less
My tendency to take on everyone’s problems and fret about them is really not healthy.

2)      Being calmer about my walls
For some reason, I’ve become unnaturally obsessed with keeping our walls clean. My nephews stayed the other week and little Drewberry seemed incapable of walking through any part of the house without running his fingers across the walls. It took immense self control not to flinch every time he did it. It’s silly. But then I do think, well, if the Good Lord intended me to have dirty walls, he would have blessed me with children, right? I mean, it’s hardly fair.

But I’ll work on this. Begrudgingly.

3)      Being more organised
I’ve become a bit of a procrastinator. I leave things till the last minute. I don’t know when this started but I really need to give this new habit a swift uppercut.

4) Walking up 100 calorie hill with a heart rate of less than 180
We now live at the top of a step incline. According to our heart rate monitors, you burn 100 calories just walking up the hill. Which is great exercise! Up and down a few times and a training session is done. Except that I am a breathless, sweaty mess by the time I get to the top and I swear profusely the whole way back down. But I’m going to own that bitch, just you watch!

5) Being a better blog commenter
I read, I ponder, I rarely comment. It’s not very friendly. I’m going to make a concerted effort to click through and comment on my favourite blogs.

Have a good weekend friends. Try and do things in fives please.