Friday 5 – things I’ll miss about Pyrmont

It’s moving day, it’s moving day!

We slept here in our little flat for the very last time yesterday and I got myself nicely¬†nostalgic. I’m literally just one week short of having lived in Pyrmont for 11 years. I moved down here on the June long weekend in 2001 and have been in the same flat for that whole time.

There’s five main things I’m really going to miss about Pyrmont.

1) Living close to the Williams
Even though we haven’t lived in each other’s pockets, I’ve loved being close to Jay and Mel. It’s meant that Ian has been able to spend lots of man time with Jay and that we’ve all been able to exercise together. I’ll miss the proximity, but as a friend of my word, I can promise that there’ll still be regular catch ups.

2) Ian Thorpe Aquatic Centre
I’ve only ever been a member of three gyms so this is a bit of a sweeping statement but ITAC is the best gym in the world!! In the world I tells you! They have awesome trainers, a really good mix of classes and they’ve recently refurbished the place with brand spanking new machines. We joined the Centre the day it opened and I already know that I won’t find another gym like it. Boo.

3) Porters Liquor
This is going to make me sound like an alcho but I really, really love this bottle shop. The guys that own it/work there have incredible knowledge of all things vino and their service is second to none. They’ve had this shop in their family for years and years.

I can always rely on their¬†recommendations¬†and I’ll be sad to go back to a chain style store.

4) Urban Oasis
The suburb’s most beautiful gift shop where you can always find lovely treasures. I’ve bought many, many presents at this place and hope I’ll easily be able to find a new favourite.

5) The grocery store downstairs
Pyrmont has a fabulous IGA with a massive gourmet food section. I do most of my shopping there but when there’s just a few bits and pieces I need, I pop in to the shop downstairs. It’s owned by a lovely couple who instantly liked me because they came from a town in Lebanon called Janine. They know everyone in my family, and Ian’s too. I’m friendly with their children and grandchild.

They add cans of soup to my grocery bag if they know one of us is sick. They always round the price down for me. And when I told them how I miss my Grandmother’s cooking, they started to share their Lebanese food with me. They cried when I told them I was leaving Pyrmont and when I walked out of the shop, I cried too.

I’ve been lucky to live in this amazing suburb. But up the mountain I must now go.

See you on the flip side ;)