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Well, the Lovely Blog Awards have been doing the rounds again and my sweet friend Miss Mel tagged me as a blogstar. So, now it’s my turn to tell you 7 random things about myself and then pay it forward to 7 other lovely bloggers.

7 things I’m sure you’ll be glad to know about me

1) I have a habit of deleting texts as soon as I read them. I do it automatically before I’ve even registered that I’m hitting delete. This is particularly annoying when you’ve just sms’d someone to ask for a phone number or link and they’ve sent on the details.

2) I’m convinced that all living things have feelings. Plants, birds, fish, etc. I also sometimes imagine that inanimate objects have feelings. I often find myself feeling sorry for my car if it has sit out in the cold or drive a long distance on a hot day:)

3) I never know the names of singers, actresses or famous people. But when people say ‘Oh, so and so from that movie is in this TV show now, I always nod and say ‘Oh yes, I know her. She’s good, that so and so’.

4) I am LOVING chobani yogurt, right now. It seems to be low in fat AND low in sugar. I can’t quite believe it can taste so sweet and creamy and be less than 100 calories. It also has locust bean in it, whatever that is. With every spoonful, I imagine I’m eating locust guts and it makes me giggle.

5) I can’t spell the word definitely. It comes up as incorrect in spell checker every. single. time.  I do not like bad spelling so it upsets me that there’s a word that constantly trips me up.

6) I can’t drink more than one coffee a day or a I get dreadful heart palpitations. My body doesn’t seem to like caffeine but I also can’t function properly until I’ve had a flat white.

7) I never tell people when they have food in their teeth. Not because I’m mean. I just don’t. I don’t know why.

Seven blogs I love to read

I follow 65 regular bloggers and another handful of sometimes bloggers. I read a mix of personal blogs, foodie blogs, interior design blogs and the blogs of authors.

Melly, who nominated me has a blog that is of course one of my favs. Reading a friend’s blog is a bit like reading their diary isn’t it? I like hearing about all the things that she gets up to on a day to day basis and I love seeing photos of Harley (who I am hoping to dog nap sit soon).

I also love both of Deb’s blogs which you can read here and here. Mel’s already tagged Deb so I’ll pick 7 others but I want to mention Deb anyway. She’s a GREAT writer.  I save her posts for when I have time to sit down and read them on a real computer, not just on my phone. She’s also the world’s most well mannered blogger, taking time to respond to all her blog comments and tweets. She’s also lovely enough to comment on most posts made by bloggers she follows. I love your style Deb!

1) I think I just blogged myself

This blog is written by a lovely English lass named Claire. It’s great to read the odd, non American blog, because as we all know, English humour is often more dry and witty. And Claire is flippin funny! She’s pretty, amusing, honest and I find her posts uplifting. I also find that her blog often makes me crave Margarita pizza!  Every now and again she’ll mention her age and I’m astounded that someone so young can be so mature. I like that she makes lists and writes posts called ‘5 things’. I’m not sure I’d like her as much if she wrote posts called ‘4 things’. Even numbers are scary.

2)The Serial Blogamist

Now this chic. Oh me oh my. She’s one crazy cat. I’ve followed a few of Catherine’s blogs and her writing never ceases to make me chortle. It’s a bit of a cliché that the Irish are good story tellers but Catherine really is no exception to that rule of thumb.  She’s writing a book and I’m going to be the first one in Australia to buy it. So there!

3) Tomas and Jones

T&J are positive, creative, stylish, beautiful girls that I’m lucky enough to know IRL. They  epitomise thoughtfulness and I love their posts. Tomas is my adopted cousin (cousin of one of my besties) and she and her sweet sidekick do things like this; send flowers when you’re feeling sad, leave toilet paper with brides on it in the bathroom of people soon to be wed, come to afternoon tea with a cake stand they’ve made themselves and develop fun twitter challenges. Yep, these two are loveliness personified.

4) Bakery & Bookery

Georgia’s little corner of the internet is a happy old place. I know her in real life too and she is lovely and so is her blog. If it’s delicious baking and delighting in life’s simple pleasures that you’re after, add her to your Reader. She has a couple of blogs and also a care bears tea cup that I covet!

5) Amanda’s Musings

I love Amanda’s blog for the honesty. She really puts her thoughts out there so bravely. I could never be as open about my life as she is and I find it impressive. She’s overcome a lot of hardship and her posts inspire me. She has a second blog that I also really love. It’s a kaleidoscope of pretty colours!

6) Suburban Eatz

My lovely friend Selina runs this blog with the also lovely Claudia. They were tired of reading restaurant reviews only focused on the inner City so have taken it upon themselves to review good foodie spots in the burbs. The thing I love about this food blog is the length of the posts. They don’t drone on and on and on about the texture of each element of the food but get to the point in a pithy, punchy way. Great writers that review great places. What more could you want in a food blog really?

7) Delete the adjectives
Rachel’s posts are are insightful and make me think. Plus she’s going to be a librarian and I think that rocks! I love a fellow bibliophile and a self confessed geek. Her blog is sweet, beautifully written and well worth reading.

And there you have it. I’m handing over the lovely baton now:)

8 thoughts on “Lovely blogs

  1. Awww… thanks for the mention! xx I didn’t know we could get Chobani yoghurt here in Oz. I see lots of US bloggers talking about it but haven’t ever sussed it out for myself (must do so!).

    I laughed at the definitely thing (I had problems with that until I realised I just needed to spell finite!). I have problems with a heap of words: sandwich (extra h after the w), accommodate & commit (ems and tees) as well as a few others. Thank god for spell check!!!

    1. Yes Chobani is here! And I’ve bought one in every flavour to try them out. My favourites so far are the mango and also pineapple. You can get them in Woolies.

      And thanks for the finite/definitely tip. It’s worked all day :)

    1. Aww thanks Neen, just saw this :)
      Thanks for the other blog reco’s, going in my reader.
      Ps I am with you on 4, 5 & 6 & cannot believe we haven’t discussed out mutual love of Chobani. I love it cos it tastes exactly like the yoghurt of my childhood back in Turkey. I have the green one though, the blue is too dense.

  2. That is so funny – I COMPLETELY agree inanimate objects have feelings! I feel sorry for the jewellery I haven’t worn in a while…then I give it a “mercy-wear”…

  3. Thanks lovely lady for the shout out! I’ve been enjoying so many of your blog posts lately and then having trouble commenting arrggh but congratulations on the new house and I hope you’re well and thanks again for being so sweet about my blog aww shucks! I’m reading some of your other recommendations as we speak. xx

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