52 lists – words I use often

  • Love – my favourite word of all time. I overuse this word!
  • F*&^ – my second favourite word of all time. I overuse this word too!
  • N00b – because there are just so many N00bs out there.
  • Bleak – I don’t like things to be bleak but when they are, I love to say bleak
  • Finicky – I tend to say this a lot when I’m with my gorgeous, but finicky grand father
  • Incorrigible – I usually say this to myself when dealing with a certain guy at work
  • Daft – Because it best describes some of the decisions made where I work
  • Exasperating – I bust this out at work at least once a day
  • Bamboozle – I’ve been working with our Finance team and this is what they do to me
  • Vapid – Hmmm. Maybe I should have called this list ‘words I use often at work’
  • Pickle – I like to eat pickles and I’m often in a pickle
  • Oh-m-gee – does this count as a word? I’m not sure, but let’s go with it for now
  • Shaddup!!! – either in excited disbelief or because I do in fact want people to be quiet
  • Shambles – the word that perfectly describes what my house has looked like lately
  • Tatty, scruffy, messy – words I use to describe my hair
  • Salient – I’ve been overusing this word while editing all the waffle out of a report this week
  • Wonky – our bed is wonky, our couch is wonky, our dining room chairs are wonky. Our furniture is really uncomfortable!

How about you? What do you say every day?


3 thoughts on “52 lists – words I use often

  1. :Discombobulated
    :Totes (lol) <— both of which I know are ridiculous but I love them anyway
    :Amazeballs (to be used in conjunction with totes, obviously)
    :Mother (as in, "balls mother!")

  2. Sadly I’m a big user of the f-word as well! Am not sure about my others… might have to monitor myself for a day or two and see. (I suspect most will be swear words! ;-)

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