52 lists – nice drinks

Spring is here! And it feels like summer. Seems like the perfect time to share with you some nice summer drinks.

From The Forest Feast, here’s a few drinky poos I’ll be making over the next few weeks:

1) A blood orange mimosa.
Yay for a citrus/champagne combo! Cocktail 1

2) Cucumber sangria baby!
So much lighter than traditional sangria.Photo 2

3) A sparkling lemonade, mint julep. Julep

4) Pomegranate, campari & sodaNumber 4

5) From What Katie Ate, my favourite summer drink; cloudy apple juice, cranberry juice, ginger beer and vodka. Apple, cranberry & ginger vodka cocktail

And today’s first world problem? I can’t decide what to make first!

4 thoughts on “52 lists – nice drinks

      1. DEFINITELY. Although in Malta we should still have warm evenings until late October, at least, so there’s a bit more time left, for sure. :D

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