Things I’ve loved about September

Spring! Our garden is bursting with flowers, the air smells like blossoms and the lemon myrtle tree is extra fragrant. A magpie made a nest above our bedroom window and each morning we have been waking to the sound of baby birds singing. Our front yard was their flight training ground yesterday and we watched with glee! They flew the nest today and we miss them already.

We’ve worked so hard in the garden this month and I’ve realised how wonderfully cathartic that is and just how rewarding. I really love living here.

Other wonderful things about September:
–  Kat’s baby shower
– Donna’s sisters also hosted a baby shower for her. We lounged around in the garden drinking tea and eating cake. Her newbie will be born in time for Christmas! – I had a week on the Gold Coast that was super! While I was there, Elliot and I hung out for a few days. We blew bubbles.
We practised our diving and made a big splash!
Aunty B and I also spent time by the pool.

We had cocktails, scones & dumplings.
And I made a new friend. Her name is Lexie. I became quite besotted…
– There were two dinners at Toko. Those meals really hit the spot! Japanese food is my go to. However where I live now, there is nowhere to go to. Having good quality Surry Hills sushi twice in one month was the bomb.

– I lay in the grass. I gazed up at trees.
– I picnicked with Sophie (and Roz & Leigh too!)

– There were some Dangerous Ideas

– And an Earring of the Month club

All in all, I’d say it was a damn good month. You?

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