Looking back

2012 was a funny old year.

When I look back at my posts, highlighting the best bits of January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November & December I realise that I had a jam packed year. There was a Melbourne trip, a QLD trip, a snow trip, a Byron Bay trip, plenty of theatre visits and lots of eating out.

There was also the major high of buying our house! Hurrah! our-place


On the low side, was the passing of my cute, fiesty, 96 year old Grandfather.

There was also spending a year in a job I don’t quite like in an organisation that’s truly lost it’s mojo.

But I’ve met some great people this year both online (hi Claudia!) and in real life (finally, finally, Sam Brady!)

I also learnt a lot. Like:

  • You have to be really happy in your heart and with yourself and in your skin and in your soul.
  • You need to spend time with people whose presence feels like a giant breath of fresh air sweeping through your life.
  • You need to maintain the childish hope that good things come to those who wait.

2012 rocked. Mostly because the world didn’t end after all!

So 2013, I do declare – you are open for business. Let’s do this!


7 thoughts on “Looking back

      1. Yes! It’s horrible I left at 4 as my head felt like it was splitting open. Got a docs appt tom, then I’ll be right as rain. It’s soooo quiet in the office.

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