What a silly sausage

Some Wednesday whimsy if you will, my friends.

Let’s marvel for a moment at the ridiculous looks of the dachshund. They are such amusing little creatures that literally appear as though they’ve been stretched in a sausage machine. Which I guess is why they get called sausage dogs.

When I look at animals like this, I always think about what a good sense of humour God must have. Either that or he had an experiment or two that went wrong.

Everything about dachshunds amuse me. The short legs attached to the long, elongated body, the way they trot about looking so important, despite being so teensy tiny. Their elegant posture and proud chests make me laugh. It feels like in their minds, they are Dobermans – they have no idea how small or funny they are.

Apparently Hockney, Napoleon, Picasso and Warhol all had dachshunds. Perhaps their whimsical looks acted as something of a muse?

Such funny body shapes.

I think I want one.

3 thoughts on “What a silly sausage

  1. That little hero looks like he could take on the world! Solo cute. They are a funny breed aren’t they?! And from a tiny sausage to a huge Irishman, I cannot wait to meet kata’s huge murphy!

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