Stop the press

I have found the cutest Etsy shop in the world. In the world I tells ya!

Um, hello….have you ever seen such adorable little darlings? Oh woe be on me, the price is insane. But I shall admire from afar.

6 thoughts on “Stop the press

  1. Very Impressive, but then again I can barely thread a need because my hand shakes too much. Say, my wife and I commissioned someone on Etsy to make our wedding cake topper: two birds that reflected some of our personas. I also once got her a ring from Etsy–it wasn’t fancy or anything, but they stamped the longitude and latitude of where I proposed to her on it (down to the street corner). We’re newlywed, so you’ll have to excuse all this sappiness. Anyway, neat stuff.

    1. That is the sweetest thing, a ring with the longitude and latitude of your proposal! Down to the street corner!! So gorgeous. You’ll have to excuse all the exclamation marks. But oh how I love sappiness! I didn’t know you were a newly wed! Congrats on your nuptials Mr & Mrs Dog’s-ear!

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