Podcasts I love

I have a number of favourite podcasts that I listen to on a regular basis. These are they:

  • The Joe Rogan Experience
    This podcast and its followers has become like a cult movement! It’s hosted by stand-up comedian Joe Rogan.  I think the reason it’s so popular is because people are really seeking authenticity right now and Joe is about as authentic as you can get. He’s one of those people who seem to easily be able to explain the world to you.  His interviews range from thought provoking to hilarious. He has all sorts of different guests who have exposed me to ideas that have mentally taken me to interesting, esoteric places. I love him.
  • London Real
    Inspired by the Joe Rogan Experience, London Real is hosted by Brian Rose who quit his job as a banker in London to create this weekly talk show. The topics each week vary from politics to fitness to contemporary debates. The interviews are always really interesting and eye opening. After listening to this podcast I feel less distracted by prosaic day-to-day concerns and can feel myself thinking bigger, deeper and for longer!  
  • Bullet proof radio
    This show run by Dave Asprey who created The Bullet Proof Diet. His interviews are all about the latest in innovative thinking geared toward how to perform better. The science is fascinating to me.
  • The Mike Dolce Show
    Mike is a UFC trainer who is all about ‘earth grown nutrients’ and he’s very anti processed food. He’s one of those people who I consider to be a gold medallist in the ‘Winning At Life’ category. He is passionate, has strong, happy relationships and is successful in many ways.
  • Warrior Poet
    Aubrey Marcus who runs this podcast seems to be a gorgeous individual. He explores topics that I would never have thought I was interested in but that I now find fascinating. He talks about psychedelics, shamanic therapy and enlightenment. Note that the thoughts and opinions expressed in his podcasts do not necessarily mimic the views the linker! :)
  • Q&A
    I love this show but it’s on late and I often fall asleep. So now I listen to it while I go to work on Tuesday mornings. Q&A is all about the hot political and social issues in Australia each week. I learn lots from this show!
  • Insight
    This is an SBS show that I love but never seem to be home to watch on Tuesday nights. They bring together all sorts of guests, experts, people with strong opinions and often people with remarkable tales. An opinion is one thing I’ve always got on hand and I like listening to other peoples as well!
  • The Book Club
    Skewing heavily towards literary fiction, this show has a gorgeous, gregarious panel that discuss new and classic books. If I could be anyone other than myself I would struggle to choose between Marieke Hardy and Jennifer Byrne. I love the literary debates on this show! It’s like the Margaret and David of the book world.
  • ABC Big Ideas TV
    As I’m sure you’re gathering if you’ve read this far, I love ‘thinky’ videos and podcasts so I love this one. The show and podcast curate interesting, challenging and diverse talks from events everywhere, including writers festivals, unis and other places around Australia.
  • TEDTalks
    No podcast ‘best of’ list would be complete without mentioning these renowned talks. TED always provide some of the most fascinating, insightful, and intriguing discussions from people around the world. Each talk is condensed into a short audio segment which I devour.
  • NPR: TED radio hour
    This podcast is based on TED Talks but Guy Raz curates a few different talks on one particular topic into an hour long talk. He interviews the people who gives the talks and then injects parts of the talks into the segment. These podcasts address everything from happiness to crowd-sourcing innovation. Love ’em.
  • The Moth
    This is sort of similar to TED but I actually like it better. It’s a recording of storytellerd who are standing in a crowded room with no notes or slides and just telling stories. They are often very moving and I’ve had big cries, many times listening to this.
  • This American Life
    Apparently this is the most downloaded podcast in America. Each week,  the host Ira Glass delves into first-person stories and short fiction pieces from around the world. It will make you laugh just as often as it will make you cry.
    This is a comedy podcast hosted by Wil Anderson and Charlie Clausen. They discuss bizarre hypothetical situations and talk a lot about movies that I have never seen nor will see! I can’t listen to this on the train because it makes me laugh too much and Ian wants to disown me!
  • Wilosophy
    This is my favourite podcast of all and I wish Wil Anderson would record more! He has conversations with people about what their life philosophy is. I think the reason I love it so much is because it’s allowing me to hear the conversations I want to have.
  • The Unbearable Lightness of Being Hungry
    I mean, the name alone! Lee Tran Lam’s blog was the first blog I ever read. And her podcast was the first I ever listened to! She has a very engaging style and interviews Sydney restaurateurs and food personalities. I’ve never listened to one of her podcasts and NOT wanted to go to the restaurant she’s just featured. Essential for all Sydney foodies!
  • The Joy the Baker podcast
    This blogger and her bestie Tracy from the Shutterbean blog talk about ‘totally important unimportant things’. Their conversations remind me of all the silly conversations I have with my best friends. And it helps me to miss my besties a little less. Joy also has another podcast that’s been on hiatus called ‘We’re about to be friends’ but it’s about to start up again.
  • Slumber Party with Georgie and Alie
    Alie and Georgia put on their pjs and podcast from a pillow fort. They are obsessed with science and cooking and ghosts and have the most preposterous
    conversations. I want to be friends with them. I know they’d like me.
  • The Art of Simple
    This one is hosted by Tsh from The Art of Simple blog. I love Tsh because she’s all about living a simple, clutter free life. She wants to get in touch with her inner tortoise and do one thing with awareness rather than ten things mindlessly. So do I. I’m particularly loving her podcast at the moment because Tsh has taken a year off to travel the world with her family and I like hearing about the places she’s exploring.
  • I seem fun: The diary of Jen Kirkman
    This American comedian has a podcast that I find to be absurd, random, delightful. When Ian’s overheard it, he’s described it as absurd, random and painful. Jen’s style takes a little getting used to. It’s the only podcast I listen to where someone just monologues. I really prefer two people podcasting together or a host interviewing people but I’ve got used to, and like this one. If you hear a whole lot of silence and think something’s gone wrong, don’t worry. She’s just texting someone mid podcast. Like I said. Random. I love her.
  • After the jump
    Grace Bonney from Design Sponge hosts this podcast. She has lots of inspiring interviews with people from arty/crafty/designery communities. It’s a world I like to hear about. And if you’re a small business owner or professional blogger then you’d find all the tips useful.
  • The Lively Show
    So this one is hosted by Jess Lively who also hosts what sounds like a popular blog. I don’t follow it and I only listen to this every now and again. Jess lives up to her name, she’s very high spirited and fun. She talks about living in the present and living with intention. Both are concepts that I recognise are a little trite but are still topics that interest me. 
  • Over the back fence
    This one is two country neighbours chatting about life, the universe and everything else. It makes me want to move to the country and join the Country Women’s Association.
  • Five to Eight
    This is a silly podcast but it really makes me laugh. A group of friends start recording it when they’ve had five drinks and they stop after they’ve had eight. It’s kind of like eavesdropping on a funny group of people at a bar!

Do you have any others you can let me know about? I’ve recently heard about The Table Set but haven’t listened to it yet. Add a comment if you know another you think I’d like.

2 thoughts on “Podcasts I love

  1. This 5 to 8 one sounds like something we could do bahahaha :)

    V also listens to Joe Rogan, but his fave (and the only one I listen to if he’s got it in the car) is Bill Burr’s Monday Morning podcast. I love Bill Burr, he is so funny. I’m going to see him again early this year :)

    1. I’m going to have to try Bill Burr again. I can’t fathom that we think all the same things are funny but that I didn’t find Bill Burr funny. Maybe I just listened to a couple that weren’t great.

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