Weekend of joy

1.  Laughing with Donna & Ella
2.  Play time with my honourary niece
3.  Brown paper packages tied up with string
4.  Kylie using her best primary teacher voice to read a most inappropriate book ;)
5.  Sheels cutting her tall cake…
6 . The surprise inside – rainbow layers of awesomeness!
7. Dumpling dinner
8. Aroma Festival
9. Gingerbread men
10. Love letters from friends
11. A jar of origami stars from Sheels – she wrote a  beautiful quote into each one before she folded them up for me

My soul  is all filled up. In fact, I think it might be overflowing!

3 thoughts on “Weekend of joy

  1. Ella is divine!!!
    So great to see you had an awesome time with the girls!! Looks like lots of laughter and good food was shared all weekend.

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