52 lists – things that make me feel cosy

Feeling cosy is da bomb! ¬†What makes you feel cosy? For me, it’s:

Steaming cups of tea

Noodle slurping

Ugg boots with a good lining

Snuggling under a soft blanket

Browsing through a book shop on a rainy day

Wearing a hoodie (my winter uniform!)

Wearing jumpers a size too big so that I can fold the sleeves over my hands

Wrapping my fingers around a mug of coffee

Hearty soups stashed with vegetables

Cheesey jaffles

Reading in a big comfy chair (just need me a pouf!)

Soaking in the bath (add a handful of epsom salts, a handful of table salt and a handful of  baking soda. Then add a couple of drops of essential oil).

Being cared for when you feel poorly.

Steaming cup of coffee