On a flowery note

I thought about flowers a lot this week, being Valentines and all. I think perhaps one of the reasons I am not much of VD fan is because I don’t like roses all that much (except for David Austin roses). And I especially don’t like red roses.

I’m more of dahlia girl myself. They’re so soft and fragile, yet have pointy looking petals, some that stand tall and proud and some that droop down in the most sweet manner.

I also love me some ranunculus. Such bright and cheerful little flowers aren’t they? And I love how ruffled they look.

Then of course there are peonies. To me they are the dreamiest of flowers. The petals are so pillowy that if I were a fairy, I’d be sure to climb inside one for slumber.

My other favourites are (below, from left to right) cherry blossom, poppies and those other little inside out daisy things. Does anyone know what they’re called?

I also love frangipanis and have been very happy to have my own plants bloom this week. The poor flowers have probably been confused about the weather but seem to have decided to give up on summer and just show their face. As soon as I saw buds appear I started watering the roots with worm juice. And I gave my worms very strict instructions to get cranking on making some more so I can have happy, healthy, frangipanis for the rest of these summer days.

What are your favourite buds? And are there any flowers you don’t care much for? As well as roses, I’m also not terribly fond of sunflowers or gerbera.

Photo credits:
5 & 6
7, 8,9  (from one of my favourite blogs – Annie’s photography is amazing!)