52 lists – suburbs I’ve lived in & jobs I’ve had

Here’s a couple of mini lists for you tonight.

Suburbs I’ve lived in:

– When I was born, I lived with my parents in an apartment right opposite Newcastle Beach. They were renting it while they built their house in Charlestown, which is the second suburb I lived in.

– When I was about 4 years old, my parents started a five year love affair with Lake Macquarie. We moved around a bit, alternating between Bonnells Bay and Sunshine, then back again.

– Eventually we wound up in Cooranbong. Or, as those in the know lovingly call it – the ‘bong. I lived in the ‘bong for years and years. And years.

– Then I moved to Pyrmont where I lived for 11 AWESOME YEARS. The absolute BEST years of my life.

– And now I’m in Mount Riverview, just east of Blaxland in the foothills of the Blue Mountains. I’m trying to only move once a decade these days, so I imagine I’ll be here awhile :) Although when Ian and I went to Brooklyn for a wedding the other week, we fell in love with the area and started to hatch a plan….

Jobs I’ve had:¬†

Bakery girl! My parents owned a chain of bakeries for almost 30 years so as a teenager, I worked between a few of them.

РWhen I was in high school, I did work experience at a beauty therapist. It was a totally random place to go but my Career Advisor at school had stuffed up my booking with  Newcastle Herald. It ended up being one of the most fun weeks of my life!

– I also spent a week doing work experience at TV Hits Magazine because I thought I wanted to be a journo.

– I worked as a swimming instructor over my summer holidays.

-I then spent three years working in the marketing department of Avondale College, a private, Christian University.

– Then I joined Water World where I’ve been for 12 (eek!) years. Over this time I’ve worked in HR (hated it), Marketing, Sponsorship, Education, Community Relations, Internal Comms, Publications and now External Comms/Social Media.

And now I feel like you’ve just had a summary of my whole 32 years of life.