Why I (mostly) love Instagram

I have a bit of a love/hate relationships with Instagram. There are some days when I am loathe to open it because I don’t want to see one more cup of someone else’s coffee.

Most days though, I love it. Why? Because to me, life is made up of small moments and small words and small things. And it is on these small moments and small words and small things that Instagram is built. People post photos of their still and uneventful moments. They post photos of their big and crazy moments. It’s wonderful to experience these moments with them.

And it’s for this reason that most of my favourite instagrammers are my friends and family. I love looking into their moments. Their every day moments.

Follow these peeps! IMG_0322

4 thoughts on “Why I (mostly) love Instagram

  1. Totally agree, this is what really makes Instagram, & why we always do a quick search for family & friends even when they don’t show up in the stream right at that moment!

    Thank you for keeping us on your list (even though we have been known to post the odd coffee shot…or ten ;)

    You’re a firm favourite on ours!! xx

  2. I agree! I love sneaking a peek into the ordinary- stuff that just wouldn’t make it onto Facebook or even a blog. I am getting sick of following all my health-y and fitness-y accounts though. I went on a giant unfollow spree, mostly because I realised I was missing posts from people I care about!

    Thanks for the shout out Ms Jackson :) You are totes easily one of my faves

    1. Yes I recently did a big unfollow too. I also felt like I never saw posts from my friends because my feed was clogged with cooking, fitness, etc. I have feedly for those posts!

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