A whole book for lists

For my birthday earlier this year, my gorgeous, gregarious, girl Mel made me the most delightful present. It’s a scrap book of sorts. But not just ANY scrap book. It’s a personally designed book for list lovers that she created especially for me. Mel made 52 headings, then themed up every page, leaving me to fill in the blanks each week for a year.

As you’ll see in the pages revealed below, the book is a lot of fun! The time and thought that went into this blew my mind.

You rock Melissa!

Here’s a bunch of lists for your perusal :) Excuse my hideous hand writing and also the quality of some of these pics.


IMG_8414IMG_8606IMG_8605IMG_8607IMG_8608 IMG_8609IMG_8610

6 thoughts on “A whole book for lists

  1. Oh my, I love this book. What an extraordinarily thoughtful present : ) I also love hodge podge and actually use those words quite often. I love Que Sera and often sing it to Cohen or just at random times. It is now in my head on rotation.

  2. Parev to you too my friend!! Inch bes es (how are you?) also merhaba and nasilsin (how are you?) (You never know what Melly may ask for next year ahahhha!)

    I LOVE this!!! What a thoughtful thoughtful gift. And it would be so fun to make!! (Well, provided you didn’t procrastinate, like I would have probably done, and decided to start 3 days before…eek!!)

    So on my business card, we all have to include our fave song. Of ALL time. Do you know how much pressure that is? Imagine having your name alongside a song for the WHOLE TIME you are employed!! I went for that exact song by Jeff Buckley too, I thought it would be timeless. :)

    1. Parev! When I came to that page in the book the first greeting I went to look up was an Armenian one :)

      The book was a really sweet gift and one that I know, like you, that I would never have got around to making for myself, even if I’d actually thought of it!

      Good choice on the song for the business card. Wow! What a cool idea, but a lot of pressure knowing that people will judge you by the song!!

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