Lent. Easter. And coffee.

Lent is the season that begins on Ash Wednesday and finishes today on Easter Sunday. During this time, Catholics historically practice the art of sacrifice for the sake of soul strengthening.

This year I gave up coffee. I thought it would be tough but I actually didn’t really miss it. And this morning when I drank it again, it wasn’t even that amazing.

Because I believe that religion should be about dignity, not depravity, I also tried this lent, to commit to something more meaningful than just a bunch of beans. I made the decision to spend the 46 days of lent being more positive and upbeat.

I’ve always been a glass half full kinda girl. But at work, I find it easy to get drawn into negativity. Sometimes my work place can be a real energy vampire! I really wanted to stop getting involved in the daily huddles, where people speak in whispered tones about what’s going on with them and other people.

I have to say that it was initially hard. I’d hear people gossiping and have to force myself to control my curiosity. But the upside is that I’ve been incredibly productive over the last 6 weeks. Also, I’ve realised that when you encourage yourself to mentally raise your vibration, being positive all day, every day is easy. Even when you don’t have caffeine to help you.

Happy Easter.



One thought on “Lent. Easter. And coffee.

  1. My mum gives up her favourite stuff for Lent (no, not me! ;-) ) but sweet stuff. She’s quite religious so she’s very committed to the whole thing. I love that you gave up something more meaningful. (And something we should all do less of!)

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