Read, watch, hear

Read it! 

Something I love about Ian is how well he knows me. I know it seems obvious that the person I’m married to should know me better than anyone. So I guess what I’m saying is that I don’t take it for granted. It’s one of my favourite things.

Even though we have very different taste in, well, everything (!), E always knows what I’ll like, what will inspire me and what will scare me. He gently pushes me to read different things, watch different things and try different things. And I know I need pushing sometimes.

So this short story by Issac Asimov is not something I’d normally even come across, let alone read. It’s not my preferred genre. But it was good. And E knew I’d like it, because the ending (which you MUST NOT skip to prematurely) echoes thoughts I often have about the world.

Watch it! 
I also wanted to share with you a video I came across which I similarly, knew that Ian would be interested to watch.

Seeing this guy base jump and then free dive made my own lungs positively ache. I kept finding that while I was watching it, I was holding my breathe and then gasping for air. At the same time though, the whole thing felt quite ethereal.

Hear it!
Earlier this year, a couple of different bloggers I love talked about how much they enjoy pod casts. Tomas and Jones and Joy the Baker both posted about their favourite things to listen to. Between their own recommendations and those mentioned by their blog commenters, I had a big long list to start working my way through.

I’ve always been a strictly vodcast girl myself. In the past, I’ve found it hard to listen to audio books, radio shows or podcasts because without a visual, my mind tends to wander off. However in just a couple of months, I’ve become totally addicted to filling my ears with the words of intelligent, social commentators. My mind feels nourished in a way that it hasn’t for a long time.

I have a looong list of favourites that I shall share another time. But one for today is Stuff you should know. It’s a weekly, 40 minute pod cast that is completely different to anything else I listen to and I love it. Each week, the two guys cover really random topics and they explain how stuff works. Recent topics have been; 3d printing, landslides, amnesia,  electricity, skateboarding,  online dating,the Spanish inquisition, termites (creepy!) amputation, (gruesome!) and then a whole session about riots at Kent State University in the 70s. I’ve been learning a lot!

So friends if you have anything you’ve read, watched or heard lately that you think I’d like, please share :)

2 thoughts on “Read, watch, hear

  1. I have to admit I don’t listen / watch pod/vlogcasts – though should do cos I’m often after something to listen to when I’m exercising (which isn’t that often these days!). I love what you say about your relationship and the intimacy (and knowledge). That’s something I’ll regret if I never have a proper one!

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