It’s quiz time!

You know I love a quiz or five. Here’s a few I’ve done lately. Mostly from Buzz Feed which are usually silly, mostly wrong but always entertaining.

1) The great language game
Think you can distinguish between 80 of the world’s most spoken languages? I only got three wrong! This was fun!

2) What hidden talent do you have?
Apparently mine is ballet! While I did do ballet classes when I was little, these days, my posture is hunchey and my body lumpy. So I’m sorry Buzz Feed, I’m not sure this can be true.

Do this quick quizz and tell me about your secret talents!

3) What font are you? 
Times New Roman apparently! Ugh. It’s my least favourite font. I hate serifs.

It said this about me “You’re a classic — a constant, reliable, secretly sexy classic. Anyone who thinks they can turn in a term paper or a resumé that doesn’t feature you is fooling themselves, and you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.”

I call bull shit. What font are you?

4) Which city should you live in? 
Mine was Cape Town. Interesting…and kinda true! Well, the first and last sentences anyway!
“You have never been able to sit still a single day in your life. An avid adventurer you are always looking for the most unconventional way to do things. You love city life, but couldn’t imagine life without getting out into nature every once in a while.”

Where should you live? 

5) What career should you actually have?
I should be an astronaut apparently. This is getting ridiculous. What did you get? 

I’ll end here.


2 thoughts on “It’s quiz time!

  1. You know I love a good quiz…heck, even a bad one! So according to those, I should be a tennis playing, London dwelling Vice President with super twee handwriting (don’t know what that means), that doesn’t actually resemble anyone’s handwriting (font)! What?!

    I also only got 3 language questions wrong, but that’s cos it only lets you get 3 wrong before ending your turn :( Was on a roll for bout 13 questions, then I hit a slump!!

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