52 lists – things that remind me of being a kid

I hope to always see the world with childlike wonder. Some things that remind me of being an ACTUAL child and not just one in a grown up’s body are:

– Choose your own adventure novels, or pick-a-paths
– Cottees Cordial
– Scratch and sniff stickers ( I LOVED THESE!)
– Hot lips lip gloss
– Lock up diaries
– Roland Harvey calendars
– Enid Blyton
– My sister



What reminds you of being a kid?


4 thoughts on “52 lists – things that remind me of being a kid

  1. Loved Enid Blyton as a kid, and now Miss8 reads my old books & also loves her! And scratch’n’sniff stickers are the most highly prized rewards in her principal’s arsenal, too!

  2. Gotta love scrunchies!
    •Reading Judy Blume and Beverly Cleary and LM Montgomery books, and having my mum read to me in fantastic accents :)
    •Making collections out of almost anything (stamps, coins, stickers, rubbers, key rings, pencil shavings and broken pencil nibs…yep, those last two were proudly kept in a tin the shape of an English phone box!).
    •Fags (the cigarette lolly that was then changed to Fads and now I don’t think it’s made anymore)
    •vending machines in Safeway (Woolworths) that sold 20c cups of red or green cordial that was terrifically fun to watch it drop down and fill up.
    •cabana, loved chewing on the stuff!

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