52 lists – blogs I’m loving right now

I’ve been on a little blog reading hiatus. I rarely open Feedly these days. But there’s a few places I’ve been visiting a lot that I thought I’d share.

  • 3191 miles apart which is the blog of two friend who live (yep, you guessed it) 3191 miles apart. If you love nicely styled blogs, this one’s a beauty!
  • A country farmhouse which always makes me want to move to my own country farmhouse!
  • The wild and wily ways of a brunette bombshell. I love Meg’s writing more than almost anyone’s.
  • The Langs because I love their photography and they have two seriously cute kids!
  • The workout room. This blogger hasn’t written anything in awhile but I’ve only just come across her blog and there’s a great back log of exercise related posts. Write again soon Mel!
  • Selina’s blog. Because I love that she’s now writing little stories. This stands out in my usual sea of personal blogs.

Tell me your favourites too!

52 lists – things that remind me of being a kid

I hope to always see the world with childlike wonder. Some things that remind me of being an ACTUAL child and not just one in a grown up’s body are:

– Choose your own adventure novels, or pick-a-paths
– Cottees Cordial
– Scratch and sniff stickers ( I LOVED THESE!)
– Hot lips lip gloss
– Lock up diaries
– Roland Harvey calendars
– Enid Blyton
– My sister



What reminds you of being a kid?