52 lists – apps I love

Are you an app person? I always like to try out different apps but I’m quick to delete if they don’t offer me anything I really need. My favs are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Etsy
  • Trip view – a must if you commute using public transport in Sydney
  • Trip adviser – a must if you’re travelling overseas
  • Shazzam – the most clever of all the apps!
  • Evernote – for Microsite Office on your iphone
  • Spotify
  • ABC iview
  • SBS on demand

And for photos, I love:

  • Lightpic
  • BokehCamFX
  • Pixlomatic
  • Over
  • Tweegram
  • Afterlight
  • Whitagram
  • Instastich

How about you? What are you favs? Share with me!

Paleo chocolate crackles

Ian makes a delicious paleo version of a chocolate crackle. They are the perfect flavour combo, a mix of sweet and bitter with a nice crunchy texture. And just relax, there’s only a small number of calories in each one. 

I never remember to take good photos of them but here’s a pic I snapped quickly the last time. 



50 gms unsalted butter
2 tbs cacao 
1 tbs honey 
A cup of nuts. 

Melt the butter
On a low heat, add other ingredients. 
Stir till combined. 
Scoop into patty cake papers. 

Makes about 10.