52 lists – things I am grateful for

It’s Thanksgiving today. Of all the different holidays out there, I really wish this was one that we celebrated in Australia. It’s such a lovely idea to focus a whole day on being thankful.

Here’s some things that I am personally thankful for:

-Ian. He’s been my partner in crime since 1996 and every year with him gets better and better.

– My parents. They made me the person I am today.

– Leigh. She’s always been a wonderful sister. And now I get to watch her be a wonderful mother. Plus I’m spending my whole day with her tomorrow and I can’t wait!

– All the little babes in my life. Especially Antigone who is my favourite of them all. That girly deserves a medal for being such a joy giver.

– Roahl Dahl who is gone from this world, but who left us with the nuttiest, wackiest, most magical children’s stories.

– Bloggers. Unlike in mainstream media, bloggers are writers without borders and so I trust them, I learn from them, am inspired by them and feel happy because of them.

– Cold avocado. It’s like nature’s icecream.

– People with fanciful ideas. Ideas are beautiful.

– People who dress with pizazz. They are like moving art!

– Freshly baked cookies.

– Getting to spend the whole of this coming weekend in the City!!!!

– The lovely sunshine we’ve had lately. Summer has certainly said hello! I feel like my Vitamin D levels are nicely topped up. 

– Donna and Mel and their big personalities. They are like kindred spirits in excitement levels.

– Sheela and Alissa, who tell witty tales with punchy one liners and make me laugh.

– The girls I work with. There’s been a lot of banter and hi jinx lately and they make my torturous organisation bearable.

– That I don’t have a disfigured face. And for Emma, who made me think about this :)

What are you thankful for today?

Floating dandelions

2 thoughts on “52 lists – things I am grateful for

  1. I’m grateful for the fact that I’ve made changes that have made me happier (my seachange) and that I have part-time contract work to pay the bills – giving me the best of both worlds and exactly what I desired when making my change!

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