Back to reality

After four amazing weeks in Europe, followed by one week, mostly spent in bed, I feel normal today. Our jet lag finally seems to have lifted. Our influenza seems to have (mostly) gone. It’s back to reality.┬áNot that I care much for reality. You know how some people are happy to come home after travel? Those people who find it wonderful to lay their head on their own pillow at last? I am not one of those people. I never want to come back.

But given how close the bushfires were to our property in recent weeks, I was at least glad to see for myself that my home was still standing. When we arrived back from the airport last week, I ran around the house to be welcomed by every room!

It’s now time to catch up with friends, both in real life and online. It’s time to sort through hundreds of photos and to return to work.

I am lucky to have had an amazing holiday. And I’m blessed to have a wonderful life to come back to.

See you soon.
Neen (who is already planning and saving for our next trip…..)