Wonderful weekends

I’ve looked forward to the last couple of weekends with every ounce of my being and they have not disappointed.


I made the truffles above at a fabulous chocolate course that my sister and brother in law organised for me. The truffles were out of this world! I went walking with a friend who lives around the corner. I saw this musical with Sheela and this play with Alissa. I had a wonderful night with the Williams, speaking for hours in the key of drunken. I visited Juanita and Tim and saw their latest lot of renovations. Their girls make me ridiculously happy. I Skyped with Tiggs and Leigh and it was so good to see them.

Life is good right now. So good.

Cute lunch idea

There’s a foodstagrammer that I love who I think you should follow too!¬†She’s @vogueslostchild¬†and she posts the sweetest pics of the lunches she makes her daughter.

I wish I could open my lunch box and find an animal shaped sandwich! I also love how she uses silicon cupcake holders as a way to divide food and stop spillage.

These are the cutest lunch boxes in the world. Don’t even try to argue with me here.

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