Along with every other blogger in the universe doing the same post this week, here is my now.

Making: Birthday hampers for Juanita & Sheela :)

Cooking: Lamb shank, fennel & vegetable soup

Drinking: Bullet proof coffee

Reading: Good Weekend from yesterday & the Good Food insert from last Tuesday

Wanting: A day to sit on my butt and do nothing

Looking: Forward to Syrian food for Dinner Club on Friday night

Playing: Langhorne Slim. But it’s driving Husband mad because it sounds a bit country

Wasting: Half a purple cabbage that went mouldy before I could eat it

Sewing: Is not something I can nor want to do

 I had a different job

Enjoying: The amazing truffles I made at our chocolate course yesterday

Waiting: For an online order to arrive in time for a special someone’s birthday

Liking: The glorious sunshine we’ve had this weekend

Wondering: How I can get ripped arms without joining a gym

Loving: My tea cosy. It’s a bit nana, but I really do love tea cosies

Hoping: That I have a productive week

Marvelling: At this tofu miso ramen buger. Cool idea.

Needing: To get mentally prepared for a big week

Smelling: The scent from my slow cooker wafting up the stairs

Wearing: Gardening clothes

Following: My first ever tumblr and remembering why I hate that site

Noticing: That it’s starting to get cold inside and its making my toes feel numb

Knowing: That a one hour work out is 4% of my day. I have the time

Thinking: That surrounding yourself with likeminded people is good for the soul

Bookmarking: This etsy shop which is filled with such cute crocheted curiosities!

Opening: Feedly with trepidation. I’m so behind on all my blog reading

Giggling: At Marieke Hardy calling Jayne Eyre an emo. Very true!

Feeling: First world problem-y


Your turn!

6 thoughts on “Now

  1. Lols, I have been away from blog land for awhile, so I haven’t seen a post like this yet :) Love yours…especially what you’re making nudge-nudge, wink-wink! Oh those crochet pretties were so wonderful! I would be a happy girl if I could crochet like that!

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